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The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

“To touch can be to give life”

Michelangelo As a Pilates Teacher, one of the primary effective ways in educating another’s body (making the difference between a mediocre exercise into dynamic movement) is through

tactile cueing.

Tactile is defined as, "perception or connection with the sense of touch."

With client permission, the touch (to muscles/bones) creates a brain stimulation (proprioception response) that can guide a clients body & mind connection to understanding the body’s position in space, stimulate stability and direct the body into effective movement.

Tactile Cueing – Hip Alignment It is quite common for hips to have the habit of being misaligned. Over time, this can cascade into a variety of ailments such as chronic back pain, limited range of motion of the neck, to knee. In the pelvic lift exercise shown above, putting a slight touch to the back of the pelvis and lower leg, provided just enough information for the body to adjust its position that will then give much more efficient support to many other areas of the body. When the ability to touch is not available, secondary options are put into place such as a client using their hand work with what I call "toys" (stretch bands, rings, balls, foam rollers etc..) to provide clients with proprioception cueing. Both of these later options have been very effective during online sessions.

Check out this link for a list of CoeDynamics online group sessions! Are you getting the most effect of your exercises? Just like the touch of a hand, a touch to of your finger to CoeDynamics Website can bring dynamic movment to your sports performance, rehabilitation, exercise routines and functional daily movements.

Touch is Medicine

Since the beginning of time, touch has offered health benefits. Todays scientific research continues to confirms its many health benefits. Below are just a few ways research has documented how the everyday form of touch can bring us emotional balance and better health.

  • “The benefits start from the moment we’re born.” A review of research, conducted by Tiffany Field, touch therapy specialist. Preterm newborns who received three, 15-minute daily touch therapy sessions from 5 – 10 days, were documented with 47 percent more weight gain than premature infants who’d received standard medical treatment.(1)

  • neuroscientist Edmund Rolls research demonstrated touch activates a portion of the brain cortex (orbitofrontal) which is linked to feelings of reward and compassion

  • Jim Coan and Richard Davidson in a study with participants lying in a MRI brain scanner anticipating a painful blast of white noise, showed heightened brain activity associated with threat and stress. But participants whose romantic partner stroked their arm while they waited didn’t show this reaction at all. Touch had turned off the threat switch.

Additional studies show that touch...

  • creates a sense of safety

  • trust and soothes

  • calms cardiovascular stress

  • can activate the vagus nerve (which communicates with many vital organs) and is intimately involved with our compassionate response

  • supports the immune system, reduces stress, encourages sleep

  • can trigger hormone release oxytocin, (aka “the love hormone”), which has numerous health benefits including heart health click here to learn more

  • helps lessen symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by stimulating relaxation, making emotional connections with others, and reducing symptoms of depression

Jesus in His many miraculous healings, sometime used touch to demonstrate His compassionate healing.

“Jesus stretched out His hand and touched him, saying “I am willing; be cleansed.” And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.” (Matt 8:3).

Additional examples, of Jesus healing touch (these are given for us to know as a reminder His miraculous healing is still available to everyone today too) (Luke 18:27, John 14:12, Mark 9:23, Job 5:9)

In a world that is building up fear,

may these encourage your mind and heart to continue to reach out to those you know and love, as

touch can be healing.


Tracy Coe, CPT-PMA, C-QRA Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner CoeDynamics


Tracy Coe is a certified QRA functional health and nutrition practitioner who’s passion is to support the community in educating and providing professional documented and researched options of whole foods, cleansing, and toxicity prevention to support short/long term health and and vitality for the individual and family. For more information email or call 424.903.3104


Health statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The health information and products on this site is for education purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It is solely informational in nature Tracy Coe and CoeDynamics assumes no responsibility in treatment or cure of any disease or illness. The information provided verbally, written, electronically is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician. Please consult your health care practitioner before engaging in any treatments or nutritional product mentioned or suggested in these messages.

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