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My name is Tracy Coe, and I’d love to help you reach your health and fitness dream goals.

Since 2002, I’ve been guiding people from various stages of life  to LOOK and FEEL GREAT!    This started after a six-year career in Commercial Financing. I decided to redirect my focus to give back to the community with educated guidance in health and fitness supporting health prevention, addressing chronic health ailments and enhanceing althetic performance. That’s when I became a Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT-PMA) and founded CoeDynamics, opening a studio in Manhattan Beach, CA.
With continued education the services have expanded to offer TRX, movement re-education, myofascial release, post-rehabilitation, low-level laser and functional health/nutrition.


Respect for Body and Mind

I have immense gratitude and respect for the design and gift of the body and mind.  Experiencing the wonder of the many ways our body and mind is able to restore and perform, pursuing  functional health and nutrition naturally evolved as a part of CoeDynamics services.  This resulted out of obtaining a formal education in functional health, blood lab analysis, nutrition, electromagnetic magnetic frequency certificaiton and becoming a certified Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) practitioner.

QRA is a non-invasive cutting-edge testing technique using the mind-body neural communication system. QRA  along with functional blood lab chemistry analysis is provided  to assist you in discovering and addressing root causes of health complaints, achieve health goals and tailor wellness programs just for you.

  One of the most enjoyable aspects is to share education on how  optimal health can be achieved.   Primary focuses are understanding what contributes and what diminshes health, creating  a nutrient dense diet, non-toxic personal health care, healthy emotions, and  environments that charge rather than drain the energy of one’s internal battery.

What is QRA?

“Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRATM) is a simple, safe, and effective assessment method that uses a scientifically proven testing modality called the Bi-Digital O-Ring by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, MD, ScD,”

Find out how CoeDynamics can help you!

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