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A whole-body & mind approach to improve fitness, health and your overall well-being

Pilates and Functional Health
Guiding You to Look & Feel GREAT!

CoeDynamics offers services to fit your health goals through Pilates, TRX, functional health & nutrition guidance, online or in-person

Improve Tone, Strength and Flexibility


Enjoy a Life of Vitality: More Energy, Deeper Sleep and Graceful Aging


Discover & Relieve Root Causes to Chronic Pain & Illness


“Aging isn’t a choice. But our response to it is. In so many ways we ourselves determine how we shall grow old.” — Charles R Swindoll

What is Functional Fitness?

Simply put, it’s guiding you to move at ease and with strength (in daily activities, exercise, and competitive times) so you can feel good, look good and keep doing what you love! This sometimes requires adjusting old posture and movement habits, a re-education for the body and mind. Following the original principles of Pilates: breathe, concentration, centering, control, precision and flow is not just application for Pilates, but application for movement through life.

Clients are guided to achieve these new habits and their fitness goals with movement using Pilates, TRX, challenging daily living movements along with myofascial release.

Services include: New Client Specials, Privates, Semi-Privates, Small Group Classes in Pilates, TRX, Circuit and Myofascial Release.

Functional Health and Fitness Can Support

  • Athletic stamina

  • Better Sleep

  • Chronic headaches

  • Chronic joint pains/injury

  • Digestive disorders

  • Energy Crashing

  • Hormone Imbalances

  • Heart Health

  • Health prevention

  • Skin care

  • Impaired vision

  • All forms of “itis’s”

  • Neurological impairment

  • Pregnancy

  • Stress/inability to “deal”

  • Unresolved health conditions

  • Weight imbalances

What is the Whole Body and Mind Approach?

Obtaining and maintaining health that feels GREAT, is a multi-faceted journey. As a certified QRA Functional Health and Nutrition Practitioner, Tracy educates and integrates a step-by-step approach of a nutritionally dense diet, beyond organic light-based nutrients, safe detoxification, healthy lifestyle habits, toxicity prevention, therapeutic essential oils and strengthening energetic surrounding biofields.

Another integral aspect is the mind. The mind can be a passport or a roadblock to health. Connecting with your internal emotional support system thoughts, beliefs, emotions is essential to long term wellness.


Tracy utilizes functional lab analysis and Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), an effective non-invasive kinesiology testing that communicates with the neurological system to learn nutrient deficiencies and specific needs for each individual. This with relationship building allows the tailoring of a wellness program designed just for you!

“The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors…” — Joseph Pilates


Tracy’s guidance and support have helped me begin my journey to improved health. The Pilates is fantastic, and her nutritional guidance has made a world of difference in my life. The knowledge she has shared, the encouragement I have received, and the path to which she has guided me…..LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER NOW

Find out how CoeDynamics can help you!
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