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Earth's electromagnetic signaling is like a set of operating instructions for human life. "Our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself work on the same frequencies. (7.83 Hz).”  -A prominent Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla

Electronic artificial wave lengths (building electricity, computers, i-watch, security devices, x-rays, cell towers, smart meters etc...) interfere with the harmonic biological function of our body and mind.

Non-thermal Scalar Lasers that mimics earths natural frequencies, can restore balance. Like acupuncture using the body's merdian points, but without the needles Scalar Lasers can nudge the body in the right direction. Scalar Lasers will gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension, and old holding patterns providing relief for acute and chronic pain along with a myriad of other health benefits such as


muscle: recovery, energy                      
fascia release:  chronic aching holding patterns           
pain relief: joint, arthritis, headache, autoimmune, dental, unexplained
repair: injury, post-surgery, wounds, 
acute care: food poisoning, cold, allergy season, injury, stressful time
relieve: gastro-intestinal, lung, lymph, thyroid stagnation
shift: from stress to unwind
circulation: cardiovascular, nervous system
stimulate: weight loss metabolism
boost: immune during cold / allergy season
enhance: detoxification programs  improve sleep, mood, focus
increase: cell energy for repair, nutrient uptake  
anti-aging skin and facial rejuvenation

Additional Scalar Laser Benefits: Nitric Oxide
- Studies have found that scalar wavelength lasers support inducement of internal rest, which is when cellular nitric oxide levels increase.  
- 1998 Nobel Prize was awarded to three scientists for their breakthrough discoveries in the crucial role that nitric oxide plays in the cardiovascular and nervous systems

  • vasodilates the entire body and circulatory system

  • activates neurotransmitters, like serotonin, dopamine, endorphins for pain relief

  • enhances the immune system and increases white blood cells

  • key for anti-aging, stem cells, telomeres, and sirtuin

  • induces glands with subtle productions of oxytocin and PEA*
    *PEA plays an extensive role in many biological pathways related to inflammation and pain (chronic and neuropathic)

Scalar Laser has Over-The-Counter FDA clearance to address the following:

Pain relief
Blood circulation
Joint stiffness
Promoting relaxation of muscle tissue

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