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EMF Remediation - example of a peacful home

EMF Remediation

We are surrounded by EMF radiation

Electro Magnetic Frequency Remediation before and after picutre

EMF radiation is all around us. This constant STRESS is damaging cells, with known harmful bio-effects to our health and psyche.  GOOD NEWS, with EMF Solution products (see below) the stress from EMF is remediated,
so you and the family can use your technology with peace of mind.

The ONLY Products Proven to Normalize the Effects on Human Cells

Superior and unique EMF remediation products PROVEN to work. The natural bio-energetic material of EMF Sol products actually addresses the root cause of EMF radiation issues. These superior products are available for your cell phone, wireless devices, entire home, office, car, and for your body when on the go. This video explains how polarized EMFs are effecting human cells and shows an independent study proving EMF Solution products normalize human the presence of EMFs!

What is EMF?
EMF/EMR “electromagnetic frequencies” or “radiation” are photons that oscillate and travel at light speed carrying energy.

EMF/EMR from modern electricity and technologies such as: cell phones, cell/5G towers, Wi-Fi, “Smart Meters”, SCADA Poles, high voltage power lines
(above and below ground), electrical appliances and low orbit 5G satellites (as of 2020) are emanating all around and barraging us with low frequency, man-made EMF at never experienced before HUGE levels. Frequencies from these technologies, range from:  (electricity) 60Hz (waves/second), (Wi-Fi) 1.8 - 5 billion Hz, and 5G's up to 38 billion Hz;

The frequencies above, are much higher than the electrical frequency of a human body*. Over 10,000 independent studies (and growing) have proven harmful effects of polarized EMF and that the higher frequencies of (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, & Satellites) tend to be where most of the big problems are coming from.

Big Problems - Easy Solutions!
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