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Flexible with Pilates

Think you can't do Pilates

because you are "Not Flexible"?

Something I frequently hear from people is,

“I’m not flexible.”

To which I respond,

“Then Pilates is right where you want to be.” 😊

The regular practice of Pilates has a wealth of benefits! One that many of us strive for as we age is to maintain flexibility. Thankfully, this is right in line with Joseph H. Pilates' concepts. One of his famous quotes is

"You are only as young as your spine is flexible"

- Joseph Pilates

From the head to the tail, it is very typical during a Pilates class with CoeDynamics in Redondo Beach to move through a variety of spinal planes...



side flexion


...and even in a combination.

This is not just done during Pilates, but also in your daily life (believe it or not!).

For example, the basic mechanics used for getting in and out of a car require rotation flexion and extension. A Golf or Tennis swing both use a combination of rotation, flexion and extension.

This is one reason why Pilates is so popular across a broad range of individuals, from youth, to wisdom age; athletes to those in post-rehabilitation stages and everyone in between.


In keeping with the theme of Flexibility,

CoeDynamics Pilates & Functional Health in Redondo Beach

offers a flexible range of Pilates trio sessions

with flexible package options and schedules.

Find a time and package

that works for your needs!


Tracy Coe, CPT-PMA, C-QRA Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner CoeDynamics


Tracy Coe is a certified QRA functional health and nutrition practitioner who’s passion is to support the community in educating and providing professional documented and researched options of whole foods, cleansing, and toxicity prevention to support short/long term health and and vitality for the individual and family. For more information email or call 424.903.3104


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