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Carry It With Poise

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

A Core Lifestyle

Your Core Limitations

Do you use your core only at your Pilates studio or gym? Or are you core-aware throughout your entire day? Your core should have no limitations and endless capabilities. This is an elaborate way of saying, your core should be your daily power house!

A Core Lifestyle

At CoeDynamics Pilates and Functional Health, it is a lifestyle to Look & Feel GREAT! Your Pilates sessions is where you should build awareness and strength for your core (and the whole body), but its during your daily activities when, if you use it, you will build true core endurance.

Daily Benefits of a Strong Core

💁🏽‍♀️ confident, attractive posture 💪🏼 greater strength to perform daily and fitness activities 😴 restful sleep because other muscles “trying” to be your core are not fatigued and tight

Carry It With Poise

Backpacks are a great example of how improper posture can affect the core use. A typical back pack sits on the upper trapezius (muscles that connect neck to the shoulders). Unfortunately, this design triggers improper “carrying” muscles (upper traps rise, upper back rounds, head pushes forward). This mis-alignment can create a domino effect downward, loading lower back, hips, knees and feet, and causing undue strain on our muscles and joints. It is a nearly impossible to keep proper core engagement with this type of alignment.

Meet X-Over Bags

The X-over bag is a sling bag that is worn across the body with an ergonomic fit to the back. The positioning of the X-over bag encourages a natural and correct placement of the pelvis and lower back. I’ll let Mirjam, the US distributor for X-over bags, explain the different carrying systems, the benefits to your body, and wide variety variety of uses...

“Our X-over bags are designed to combine style, functionality and comfort in one. It is a sling bag worn across the body with importance of an ergonomic fit to the back. With the crossover belt routing, the shoulder and neck area is less stressed and the weight is redistributed to the chest. The main strap is adjustable and provides an easy in and out.

If carrying a heavier load or wearing it while hiking, riding a bike, jogging, etc., the X-over bag features an additional belt 3-point system (see pic). This option helps to achieve a balanced load distribution, carrying the load on the torso instead of the shoulders. This relieves pressure from the back for optimal spinal health and easier core engagement. All the while, it’s securing the bag and preventing it from sliding forward so it can be used while enjoying your fitness activity like riding a bike.”

Why Delay? Get A Core Lifestyle Today!

Correct body alignment is critical to looking & feeling great. Get core-aware with CoeDynamics Pilates (privates, semi-privates and group sessions in-studio in Redondo Beach or online), and wear it well with your X-over bag!

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Tracy Coe, CPT-PMA, C-QRA Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner CoeDynamics


Since 2002, Tracy Coe has been guiding people from all walks of life to look and feel GREAT, through her education and practice as a PMA- certified Pilates Teacher and as a certified-QRA Functional Health and Nutrition Practitioner. Tracy applies her continuous education and 21 years of clientele practice to support the individual, family and community. Tracy’s practice offers education and guidance in fitness programming, a nutrient dense diet, safe cleansing, toxicity prevention and creating energetic harmony of your surrounding environments. In effect, allowing the body and mind to restore balance for health prevention, physical transformation, addressing specific short / long term health issues and offer vibrant living.

For more information email or call 424.903.3104


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