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Being A Part of the Solution

Youth Support - National Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and we want to take a moment to highlight one of our favorite groups in this space,

Olive Crest

Olive Crest is a non-profit organization dedicated in almost 50 years of service in the areas of California, Nevada and Pacific Northwest to helping abused and neglected children. Olive Crest transforms the lives of at-risk children through the healing power of family.

On September 26th, 2021, Olive Crest will be holding its first Awareness Event for Youth Mental Health and Human Trafficking (details below). We hope that you will join us for the event if you are able. But we hope even more that you will keep reading, and discover why this event is so important…

Just a glimpse of a few statistics will show on why this work is so needed...

- About 60%of those caught up in human trafficking

come from the child welfare system. - Suicide is the second leading cause of death

among young people ages 10-19 in the U.S.,

and rates of youth suicide and self-injury hospitalization

are on the rise, especially among younger adolescents (1, 2). - In 2017-2019,

an estimated 16% of California 9th and 11th graders

and 17% of non-traditional students

seriously considered attempting suicide

in the previous year.

These kids need our help.

Tracy Coe of CoeDynamics Redondo Beach involvement with supporting youth has been a long term walk of care. For over 5 years Tracy has partnered with Olive Crest and has specifically supported transitional youth programs. Tracy has done this by leading a variety of Learning Skills programs, mentoring teens and much more. Along with other guests, Tracy will be a panel speaker at the Mental Health and Human Trafficking Awareness Event.


We cannot speak highly enough about the positive effects and the light that Olive Crest Programming and its staff offers to these neglected and abused youth who ultimately are living in a very, very dark world.

How can you be a part of the solution?

There’s a place for everyone!

- pass on the event information (see below)

- financially support with a tax-deductible donation (see below)

- volunteer with Olive Crest - consider being a foster/adoptive family

Quoting from the book of Peter, Chapter 4, Verse10: “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” In an area so needed, there is no such thing as too-little support.



Sept 26, 2021

2 – 5PM


Outside Venue

Steel Craft Garden Grove

12900 Euclid St. Garden Grove, CA 92840

WHAT: This event will also be offering job resources, mental health resources and information concerning human trafficking to bring awareness to the problem.

Plus: Food & Entertainment from Beechwood Brewing, Dark Horse Coffee Roaster, Bird Talk, Duck Donuts and Much More! Keynote Speaker: AJ Mendez


Contact Nicholas King and mention the Awareness Event

Sponsorship opportunities available at $2500, $5000 and $10,000 amounts


Tracy Coe, CPT-PMA, C-QRA Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner CoeDynamics


Tracy Coe is a certified QRA functional health and nutrition practitioner who’s passion is to support the community in educating and providing professional documented and researched options of whole foods, cleansing, and toxicity prevention to support short/long term health and and vitality for the individual and family. For more information email or call 424.903.3104

REFERENCES: 1. Ruch, D. A., et al. (2019). Trends in suicide among youth aged 10 to 19 years in the United States, 1975 to 2016. JAMA Network Open, 2(5), e193886. Retrieved from: 2. Ballesteros, M. F., et al. (2018). The epidemiology of unintentional and violence-related injury morbidity and mortality among children and adolescents in the United States. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(4), 616. Retrieved from:

4. Westers, N. J., & Culyba, A. J. (2018). Nonsuicidal self-injury: A neglected public health problem among adolescents. American Journal of Public Health, 108(8), 981-983. Retrieved from:


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