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Vacation Health Tips & Companions

You don’t want to leave home without them

Have you ever been on vacation and shortly after you return, you or a family member come down with a cold or infection of some sort?  I don’t know about you, but to me that is the pits!  So I’d like to pass on to you a few very easy to use, inexpensive, and successful travel tips to help keep you and your family having fun, stay healthy, and reduce jet lag during your travels.

Stay Hydrated 

Often times being out in the hut sun can deplete your body’s water levels. In addition as we indulge in our coffee starters, afternoon fruity drinks, and an evening of cold beers or nice glass of wine unfortunately these are also quite dehydrating to the body.  So have water on hand at all times to drink throughout the day. Before you know it you’ll have drank ½ your body weight or more in ounces!

Health benefits of hydrating with water:

– regulates body temperature

– transports toxins out of the body

– supports regular bowel movements, prevents colon and digestive tract from becoming a breeding ground for unhealthy pathogens, lubricates joints

The power of Lemon, Salt, & Greens (oh my!) We often eat quite differently indulging in some not so nutritional foods while on vacation which is fun to do but at the same time can be a little wearing on our body.  To easily keep some good nutritional dense minerals in your body (which is our bodies currency of wellness and feeling good) when you are on vacation you can easily receive some healthy nutrients too.  Travel with

1. a few lemons (organic if have choice)

2. Premier air dried unprocessed Pink Salt

3. Premier beyond organic Greens Mix (capsule or powder)

To Use:

a. Every morning mix ½ of a lemon and ½ tsp of Premier Pink Salt into 16 – 24 oz of warm water and drink. Here are just a few of the health benefits of this combination

– Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C, a powerful antibacterial

– With Premier Pink Salt they will flush out toxins,

– Provides: electrolytes trace minerals potassium calcium magnesium phosphorus

– Prevent mucus build up

– Promote balance pH levels,

– Prevents and heals the common cold

– It dissolves uric acid, Reducing pain and inflammation in joints and knees

b. once a day take 6 capsules or 1 Tablespoon of Premier Greens Mix

These beyond organic Premier Greens are harvested from pristine South American grasses. They are better then any multivitamin and nutritionally has every needed amino acid, mineral, vitamin and enzyme needed to sustain life. They are easy to travel with in either capsule or powder from.

Radiation Protection

If you are flying, did you know your body will receive more radiation from a one way trip of a distance between L.A. and NY then you would in one year on the ground?  To protect yourself from an abundance of radiation and other synthetic electrical currents that disturbs the body’s systems.

a. While standing in line through security, opt for the pat down

b. Premier Green Tea is a strong anti-oxidant that gobbles up radiation. The effective key ingredient in Premiers Nano Green Tea is the polyphenols. Premier Green Tea, out shines a typical market Green Tea in that Premier contains 105mg polyphenols in 1tsp. while you would need the equivalent of 20 cups of market green tea to equate to this.

To use: for every 1500 miles of airplane time mix a ½ tsp of Premier Nano   Green Tea into water and sip before and after the plane ride

            Available at CoeDynamics in an easy to travel with 2oz bottle

Anti-pathogen support Being on a plane for a minimum of 5 hours ends creates the potential for some form of  lung infection. Premier Oil of Oregano is powerful immune booster with anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

To Use:

a. just add 3 drops to a shot of water and swallow prior to and after flying

b. anytime you start to feel under the weather take 2 -3 x/day

c. can also be used topically (dilute with water or quality olive oil)  if you get any  bite or scrape or cut

   Available at CoeDynamics in an easy to travel with 0.5oz bottle.

   Buyer Be Informed: Caution many market sold oil of Oregano’s use oregano family members such as thyme which have very little potency.  Premier Oil of Oregano the most potent form of Oregano, Carvocal, is used for production.

Prevent or Reduce Jet Lag

a. keep meals light stay off of sugar and alcohol.  Heavy meals and sugar/alcohol both make your digestive system and liver work harder as they are already trying to adjust their internal clock time to keep up with us!

b. Premier Melatonin  This baby can re-set your biological clock eliminating or at least decreasing your jet lag factor!

   To Use: take 1 – 3 drops (males); 1 – 10 drops (females) at bedtime

(do not take during the day)

For more information and to order contact CoeDynamics at 310 798 7600, or order online by clicking here

To your health & Fun, Fun, Fun, Summer Travels!


“You’re not sick, You’re Thirsty!” F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Salt and our Health; Mortin Satin, PhD  3.26.2012


Disclaimer: Messages from CoeDynamics are not regulated by FDAA and are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or health condition. It is solely informational in nature. Please consult your health care practitioner before engaging in any treatments or nutritional product  mentioned or suggested in these messages.

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