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Prevent & Zap Colds Flu Viruses

Happy Halloween and Happy Fall comes with the on-set of virus cold and flu season.

What makes it the cold season? There are several causes to this season here are a few. – People spend more time indoors and closer to each other during the winter. – Children are in school and sharing germs with many more children than they do during the summer. – The viruses that cause the common cold spread more easily in cold, dry air. – Our nasal passages are drier during the winter (due to drier air), allowing cold viruses to take hold and make us sick.

What are common ways cold/flu is spread? – hand to hand contact – low immune system…. How does this happen? Today, our bodies are in constant invasion of air water soil electrical pharmaceutical drug food and stress pollutions and toxins. Our immune system is now on overload! Additionally, when you take an anti-biotic and/or other medications this further suppresses the immune system by leaving behind toxic residues and killing off the good bacteria with the bad. Yes, the medications may “mask” over the cold/flu symptoms making you feel better for a little while, but have you ever noticed it actually takes much longer to completely get over that “chronic”, “lasting” sickness? If your immune system is operating at its peak, it should actually be quite easy for you to fend off the(cold/flu/virus) without ever getting sick. On the other hand, if your immune system is impaired, they can easily take hold in your body. It's not an inevitable event based on exposure alone.

The good news is… there are traditional natural and very effective, simplistic tools that you can nourish your body, rebuild your immune, as well as shield your body from catching one of the nasty bugs this year.

Prevention Wellness Tips FIRST infections live and grow in environments that have imbalanced pH and low minerals/nutrients. When the body has ample minerals and properly balanced pH, it becomes a natural immune fighting machine. You can boost your pH minerals with the following. increase VEGGIES (juiced, potassium broth, raw and cultured) increase drinking homemade beef or chickent stock (recipe will be posted via FB make sure to like us:) decrease SUGARS, PROCESSED FOODS, Grains, Uncultured Dairy increase outside and sunshine exposure. – hydrate, HYRDRATE, HYDRATE with clean filtered water (add lemon & air-dried salt) honor your bodies need for REST and daily SUN (minimum 30 minutes daily)

SECOND get super foods in your diet. US soil nutrients have been diminished à in the last 25 years the anti-oxidants (free radical killers) in our foods have diminished by 50%! What is considered a superfood? – Foods that are whole and naturally abundant in important and variety of nutrients minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids. – Foods that are from nutrient dense soils that are completely pure and unadulterated. – Foods that that containing absolutely no toxins from raw material to shipping Traditional “Superfoods” eaten for centuries amongst many cultures for their healing and developmental (physical and intellectual) properties: bone stocks whole eggs organ meats dairy kefir fermented food sprouted foods cod liver oil fatty fish

THIRD your natural medicine cabinet as mentioned above, we face a lot of toxins (including stress) daily. If your on ther verge of feeling run down, a little achey, quesy, sore throat, headache then ZAP them with these all natural immune boosting nutrient busters! You'll want to have these on hand as they can quickly and completely get you over the cold/flu/virus to keep you up and running! Keep them in your newly designed Natural Medicine cabinet. Allicidin *contains fully potent active factor concentrated from wild garlic in capsule form * has no odor, does not cause your stomach to burn, or have the after effect of garlic acid reflux * 2 – 4 Vcaps/meal

Aloe Mannan FX *premier immune & gastrointestinal support *excellent for clearing mucus and opening lungs *harvested from carefully grown Aloe vera from tropical volcanic island with a unique element of acemannan for strong immune support. Fermented with calcium bentonite adn Luo Han Guo *2 caps/day opened and emptied under the tongue

Premier D3 Serum *A vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common in the US. *A vitamin D deficiency is directly related to a lack of sun exposure. *Research has confirmed that "catching" colds and flu may actually be a symptom of an underlying vitamin D deficiency. *use 2 – 4 drops/day

Nucleo Immune *it takes 6 billion nucleotides to rebuild a cell! *this contains the RNA & DNA building blocks causing the ability to Dead Stop colds & flu’s in 1 day when taken as soon as your feeling sick. *Use 4 Vcaps up to 5 times/day for 1 – 3 days

Oil of Oregano *contains Carvocal the most anti-infective property of oil of oregano. (other market products are less effective as tehy don't use the most potent form of the plant in the oregano family) *has over 50 powerful, immune-specific compounds very effective for any acute problem (colds, flu, sinus or respiratory disturbances) *Use 2 – 4 drops in 1 oz. water may be taken internally; 2 – 3 drops also great for insect bites, headache

Vitamin C Premier *enhances immunity as it is a premier anti-oxidant, anti-infective, and anti viral *contains a synergistic co-factors and transporters Making it more effective than isolated vitamin C. Note, ascorbic acid is easily converted to dihydroascorbic acid which is a free radical *3 – 6 Vcaps at breakfast and lunch A Bath Soak with Premier Pink Salt and non-aluminum baking soda *an effective and gentle detoxifier of many toxins produced from stress all the way to radiation *Soak in a warm bath that contains 16 oz. of each completely submerged for 20 minutes

Premier Probiotic *If you have/are taking any anti-biotic, this kills all the good bacteria with the bad. Good Bacteria is needed to ward off bad from taking over in the body *Premier Probiotic contains quality source Japanese probiotics created with a unique process of more than 12 different beneficial strains to support all major groups of health-promoting intestinal bacteria *Intestinal flora (bacteria) fight against infection and help protect and regenerate the intestinal tract. They enhance the immune system, improve absorption of nutrition and cleanse the bloodstream *for regular day use take 2, 2x/day after anti-biotic take 6, 2x/day(3months after taking antibiotics). each time bite into half the does and swallow the otherswhole

*All of Premier Research Labs products are made with the highest purity, quality and potency Grade 10 once-living foods/herbs and are 100% free of toxins and excipients including the capsules.

To order click on any of the above product names, For more information or consultation appoitments contact 310.798.7600

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