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It Comes Every Year

Build Your Arsenal Today

The perfect stage...

With the sun, not hitting has high and the temperatures cooling down, every year its sets the PERFECT stage for the pesty cold and flu bugs to thrive and wait for its next host to thrive in (don’t let this be you)!

THE GOOD NEWS! We have been miraculously created with an AWESOME immune system. Think about it, it knows it has been invaded even before you do – so it makes your nose a little runny, a little heckle in your throat or a little less energy than normal.

THE PROBLEM: We don’t listen to our bodies very well ☹. We push beyond our limits, both with non-stop activity and dosing our tummies with food/beverages that are not easy to digest. All the while, the immune system is trying to sweep up behind you and runs out of steam ☹

THE SOLUTION(s): "the human body has an incredible ability to heal itself, given the right help.” – Dr. Natasha McBride-Campbell

Take Time to Breath: take a moment each day to slow down

(we are supposed to live with the seasons not beyond – we will never beat nature)

Keep a Nourishing Diet

* Spring is not the only time to eat well

- hydrate (with air-dried salt for the trace minerals and electrolytes)

…… skip the everyday caffeine and or sugary drinks

.…. reduce processed food intake (including restaurants and pre-made foods that ingredient labels that have all kinds of words in between the (…… )

- nourish and satisfy the gut (it contains 80%! of your immune system)

daily meat/bone broth (from pasture raised animals)

..… it provides building blocks for cells in your GUT and has a soothing effect on inflammation in the gut

daily pickled veggies and fruit

….. filled with healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes (another huge need for the gut)

healthy fats: butter, ghee, eggs, (from pasture raised animals) fermented cod liver/butter oil (for Omegas, A, K, D)

…. the body can NOT absorb vitamins and minerals efficient or effectively without healthy fats (nor can it maintain healthy weight status)

digestible proteins: omega filled fish, grass-fed meats including organ meat (cooked in meat/bone broth)

….. steer clear from hydrogenated oils and sugar (that are in ALL processed foods) and fuel inflammation

Fill Your Arsenal

Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard This Season – 4 ESSENTIALS to Have Now

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if you haven’t noticed, we are not perfect (there was only One 😊 …. .......and occasionally NEED THAT EXTRA IMMUNE BOOST

Vitamin C: plant based with co-factors (not synthetic/ascorbic acid*)

Micronutrients with the strongest evidence for immune support are vitamins C and D and zinc.” a review of micronutrients. *Synthetic forms at best, mimic only one component of the multitude life-supporting nutrient complexes found in genuine, natural vitamin C and over time synthetic versions can increase acidity in the body and steal important mineral reserves of calcium (to neutralize the ascorbic acid)

Vitamin D3 with Limonene*: in the last 3 years, more than ever it has been established that Vitamin D3 robustly support immune function. *limonene will assist the absorption of this fat soluble vitamin

Zinc (sulfate form-highly absorbable*): one of its 300 critical needs is to keep the immune system

functioning. *majority of market zinc formulations are nearly insoluble

Nucleo Immune*: take at on-set to dead-STOP colds and flu and also speeds recovery time

Nucleotides are tiny building blocks of RNA & DNA needed to regenerate and build your trillion of cells. Stresses (of all kinds) can rapidly deplete the body’s store of nucleotides. Our bodies only have a limited storage of Nucleotides and like minerals, need to be supplied from natural sources outside of the body.

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Tracy Coe, CPT-PMA, C-QRA Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner CoeDynamics


As a part of Tracy Coe’s continuous practice and study as a QRA Functional Health Practitioner to provide the best for CoeDynamics clients from Redondo Beach in Southbay to across the nation, CoeDynamics has partnered with Premier Research Labs supplementation for over 15 years with many great client results. Premier Research Labs nutrients are in-house based products with in-house lab testing from raw material to finished product, are excipient free, contain beyond organic nutrients that resonate with your body cell frequencies for optimal


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