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Poor Digestion = Poor Health (part VI)

Poor Digestion = Poor Health (part VI)

Healthy Bacteria

Today is the final part of our Healthy/Poor Digestion topic. Feel free to send in your wellness topics of interest that you would like to learn more about or questions you may have about nutrition and health. To do this, simply send an email to

Good bacteria?  Well now doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron?

Quite the contrary!  Did you know that life would not exist without bacteria?  Bacteria are vital in the existence of an ecosystem, in recycling nutrients, in providing nutrients, and bacteria is suppose to exist in your gut flora (good and bad).  Today’s blog will identify why bacteria is good for your gut, how your health is affected when the bad bacteria take precedence in your gut, and how to keep the balance of your good over the bad bacteria.

Your Body’s Ecosystem – Your Gut!

Ecology (defined):  taken from the Greek word meaning, “house”

“the scientific study of the relations that living organisms have with respect to each other and their natural environment

Our bodies house an ecosystem that is being destroyed/imbalanced by nutritional deficiency and toxicity.

  1. Our body is an intricate system inhabited by microorganisms (lactic bacteria)

  2. The friendly bacteria primarily is suppose to reside in our digestive tract, strengthen our immune and help the body defend against “unfriendly” bacteria and pathogens that cause health deterioration and disease

  3. Both friendly and unfriendly bacteria should reside in our body at a healthy ratio of 85/15

  4. When healthy the friendly outnumber the unfriendly, our inner ecosystem is in harmony, and are key players in keeping us looking young feeling healthy and being strong

Why should we care about digestive/gut imbalance?

The BIG Picture

  1. A well known Dr. once said “If you die before the age of 85 from anything other than a severe injury, it is the result of bad digestion” –Dr. Bernard  Jensen

  2. “All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

  3. 80% of your immune system functions within the intestinal tract

Common Symptoms with an imbalance of bad to good bacteria

Energy and ability to function optimally is zapped, you are tired, exhausted and may not even realize it thinking it’s the norm

You’re robbed and left in waste: many pathogens will rob your nutrients and excretes toxic waste into the body causing muscle aches/weakness

•You become a slave to cravings as unhealthy bacteria feed on sugar, they send send biochemical signals to make you want sugar, bread, alcohol, etc. which feeds the fire

•Internal Chemistry becomes chronically acidic this inhibits oxygen & nutrients to your cells. Glands that are dependent on nutrients are starved so they will leach minerals from other areas of the body such as bone and teeth.

•Having a lack of good friendly bacteria causes your immune system to work harder then it should be, the immune system gets worn out due to its excessive fight against the bad guys.

Some other symptoms may look like..

Fatigue   Exhaustion   Brain fog   Poor Memory   Headaches/Migraines   Anger

Depression   Insomnia    Food Cravings (sugar/fruit, alcohol, bread/pasta)

Bloat   Gas   Constipation   Diarrhea   Colitis   Bad breath   Chrons disease

Sinusitis  Chronic Bronchitis   Asthma   Allergy  Chemical Sensitivity

Psoriasis   Eczema   Hives   Rashes   Acne   Nail Fungus   Athlete foot   Jock itch

PMS   Hot flashes   Thyroid condition   Adrenal exhaustion   Low libido

Liver congestion   Lowered immune ability   Auto immune   Tinnitus   Vertigo

Weight Gain   Swelling   Edema   Endometriosis   Prostatitis   Leaky Gut

What causes the imbalance?  – The BIG Picture

* Its not the bacteria or the viruses themselves that produce the disease, its the inner condition of the patient  (i.e. oxygen depravation, nutritional deficiencies, acidic pH, built up toxins in and around cells, poor circulation, toxic emotions, etc.) that creates the growth environment for bacteria, viruses, fungal, parasites, and DIS-ease to flourish.

Balance Compromisers

•A diet concentrated in processed foods and sugar/flour, improperly prepared grains

•Fast-food diets

•Use of antibiotics, vaccinations (increase with repeated use and longevity)

•Use of steroids, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy

•Environmental chemicals (pesticides, GMO, fluoride)

•Unrelenting daily stress

•Subconsciously bottled up negative emotions, beliefs, identity

•Heavy metals (especially from dental work)

•Chemicals (plastics, cleaning agents, carpets, paint, body/hair care products etc)

How to Restore Your Gut Ecology -Where to begin?

The key!  Change your internal environment so that the good can out-weight and control the bad

Step One – THE MIND

a. Realize this (and many other corrections to our health & wellness)  is NOT a quick 1 pill fix

b. Shift your thinking and subconscious

–Don’t panic, be patient

–Take a step at a time

–Daily be grateful and thankful for the blessing of the changes you have been able to make

–Get Organized, plan ahead, “discipline is the difference between goals and  accomplishments” –Mother Theresa


Eliminate foods that are feeding the bad bacteria:  processed foods (cans, bags, boxes), sugar, bread/yeast foods, high sugar fruits, starchy grains, potatoes, soy product, vinegars (except unfiltered raw cider), pasteurized dairy products

Step Three – NOURISH

– Eat Real Foods (undamaged by chemicals):  Produce (seasonal), Nuts   Legumes   Seeds   Raw Butter  Olives  Eggs (Pasture raised)  Avocados  Raw/cultured dairy  Dark greens   Coconuts   Sea Veggies   Fish   Beef (Grass Fed)

– Eat c Mineral Rich Foods: cultured dairy (kefir, yogurt, cheese), coconut kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, bone stocks, air-dried salt, sprouted seeds, legumes, nuts and grains, fruit chutney, ceviche, pickles, cultured ketchup, mayo and mustard

– Replenish the gut

a. Eating fermented foods (dairy kefir, coconut kefir, sauerkraut etc) on a daily basis over time can replenish the gut with friendly bacteria. If this is not something you are use to doing, start slowly (1/4 cup/day) as fermented foods can facilitate a die off of the bad pathogens.  Too much of this at one time can create a detoxification effect.

b. If you have a history of chronic infection, use of antibiotics or hormone products PRL Probiotic supplementation can expedite the replenishment of your gut flora. Buyer be informed not all probitotics are created equal.  Unfortunately many market probiotics, are minimally effective or useless and can be due to a number of practices such as

• Processing – either heat or freeze dried destroy the majority if not all the probiotic

• Formula – lack number types of Probiotic strains

• Damaged – container shipping and storage methods that induce light, oxidation, chemical insult or  additives can damage a good thing.

In Summary:  The domino of your body’s ecosystem (your gut)

By restoring your inner ecology you can rebuild:

*health   *immunity   *vitality    *optimism    *joy    *energy   *restful sleep

*sharp mind … to last throughout the years of your life and  restores the ecology of our outer world.

As a QRA & Wellness Practitioner, a primary focus with my clients is providing a step by step process in building a nutrient dense daily diet along with supplying recipes and teaching how to be in the kitchen efficiently and effectively.  If you are seeking additional assistance to best vamp your diet for you and your family’s health, weight loss, and/or body type, to inquire about an appointment please click here or call 310.798.7600.

To Great Health & Wellness

Tracy PMA-CPT, certified QRA & Wellness Practitioner

PS Remember to send in your next health topic of interest and or questions to

The Ingredients for Good Gut Ecology

If you missed the previous blogs to this series, you can learn of all 6 ingredients needed to gain and maintain a healthy digestion for a healthy body & mind through these following links daily eliminationbalanced pH & minerals, enzymes, and hydrochloric acid.  


– Carson, Rachel

– Gut and Psychology Syndrome Dr. Natasha Cambell-McBride MD

– Birren, Bruce; director of microbial sequencing at Broad Institute (assoc. w/ Harvard)

– Dr.. Blaser, Martin J. professor of microbiology and chairman of NYU “the bacteria disappearing from our systems… might be replaced by organisms that aren’t nearly as benign”

– Dr. Bob Marshall – Founder and CEO of Premier Research Labs (aka Quantum Nutrition) and

– Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., founder of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT).

Disclaimer: Messages from CoeDynamics are not regulated by FDAA and are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or health condition. It is solely informational in nature. Please consult your health care practitioner before engaging in any treatments or nutritional product  mentioned or suggested in these messages.

About Tracy  


Tracy Coe, Wellness and Certified Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner

In both one-on-one consultations and community educational programs,Tracy’s coaching emphasizes a nutritionally dense diet and clearing the pathways of the body and mind to have a LIFE of vitality.

To learn more,click here.

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