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Aromatherapy Can Support Your Health Goals

What You Put ON Your Skin Matters…..

* Aromatherapy for the emotions and spirit can be one of the most vital ways to support your health. * The science that is now supporting aromatherapy is called psychoneuroimmunology. * In a simpler form, this big word means the study of how your experiences (good and bad) affect your inner self and your immune system health. CoeDynamics: Creating Beauty from Inside > Out and Outside > In

*Are your emotions supporting your health?  As a wellness & nutrition practitioner, time and again, I observe a client’s health improve when their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions improve.

*When shopping for aroma-therapeutic essential oil products, it can be difficult to find products that contain healthy ingredients in sufficient amounts to be effective and do not contain any harmful ingredients. As Dr. Mercola has stated: “There is no official grading system for essential oils.  Anyone can label their product Therapeutic Grade.”

This is why I have sought out suppliers who are committed to their passion of sharing true health with the community, through beauty, aroma and skin care products; who do not compromise for a bigger profit, faster result or mass production.

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