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Poor Digestion = Poor Health (part 1)

“If you die before the age of 85 from anything other than a severe injury, it is the result of bad digestion” –Dr. Bernard Jensen • “All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates • 80% of the body’s immune system functions within the intestinal tract

You may have an idea of where I might be going with the above indicated statements. Since digestion plays such a significant role of being healthy or sick, this and the next few CoeDynamics Wellness Blogs will be covering digestion and its relation to your health including recipes and other convenient at home tools that can bring healing to your gut. Today’s blog educates on the big picture (What and How of the Digestion System). Knowing the why is much more a motivator then just the doing. As Proverbs 8:11a says “for wisdom is more precious then rubies”

The Digestive System Your digestive system begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. In between is the esophagus, stomach, small intestines, and large intestines/colon. The colon is considered part of body’s filter systems (kidneys, liver, colon, skin, lymphatic system). Digestion

  1. This is the process by which food and drink are broken down into minute parts so the body can use them to nourish and provide energy

  2. The intake of food must be thoroughly digested, broken down, metabolized, assimilated and absorbed; and finally, the waste needs to be efficiently eliminated. Its important for your body to accomplish each process effectively in order for it to… – be able to destroy organisms that naturally enter through our food, beverage, saving the body from potential infections – prevent the entry of incompletely digested food particles from entering the blood stream which can cause: inflammation, muscle breakdown, nerve damage, auto-intoxication – uptake essential minerals: An example is iodine deficiency. This is not necessarily the need for more iodine, but RATHER is many times a result of a persons weak digestive system is unable to absorb the mineral.

Symptoms associated with poor digestion as the ROOT cause •Addictions: sugars, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs •Allergies: chronic sinus/asthma problems •Anxiety •Auto-immune: eczema, endometriosis, lupus, MS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis •Candida •Brain dysfunction: Alzheimer’s, senility, Parkinson’s, ALS •Dental issues: gingivitis, tooth decay, receding gums, cavities •Heart health: heart disease high blood pressure, plaque in arteries, stroke •Bone Disorders: Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis •Chronic Fatigue/Insomnia •Chronic pain from unknown sources •Excessive midsection weight •Irritable Bowel Syndrome •GERD •Heartburn •Hypoglycemia •Hypo/Hyper Thyroid •Joint disorders/inflammation: “itis”, fibromyalgia •Leaky gut syndrome •High uric acid, high triglycerides •Migraines •Muscle aches and pains (liver toxicity) •Parasitical infections •PMS – lasting more than 3 days •Post-menopause •Severe constipation •Sleep apnea •Rapid unhealthy aging •Type II Diabetes This is an unexhausted list

Essential Ingredients to having optimal digestion – Healthy elimination – Balanced pH & minerals – Enzymes – HCL – Undamaged oils/fats – minimum 85% Good Bacteria in the gut (probiotics) Lets get the uncomfortable but imperative topic, “healthy elimination,” out of the way first. (The remaining ingredients to optimal digestion will be covered in the upcoming blogs).

First step in colon health is to make sure there are healthy daily movements. Second Step, colon cleansing to remove years of accumulated debris from the wall linings.

Constipation (a signal of incomplete digestion) Besides feeling bad, constipation……

  1. Impairs mineral and nutrient absorption

  2. Recycles toxins throughout the system that normally would have been eliminated

  3. Increases stress to the kidneys and lymph

  4. Becomes a breeding ground for disease, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc

  5. Dehydration issues

  6. Impairs mental and emotional well-being

  7. Can cause fecal backup into the spleen, liver and gallbladder

So what does healthy elimination look like? (I promise to spare the graphics)

  1. 2 – 3 BMs per day

  2. Easy without straining

  3. No foul odor

  4. No need for toilet paper

  5. Well formed, firm

  6. Without mucus

  7. Expels quickly

I want to poop! (a little humor here) If the digestive system has not been damaged through your life history of (over eating toxic foods, drug/alcohol/medication abuse, emotions, dehydration, surgeries etc), then adding to your daily life adequate amounts of:

  1. clean water (work up to daily minimum ½ your body weight in ounces and eliminate dehydrating beverages), to learn more about adequate hydration click here

  2. unprocessed salt (work up to ½ tsp/day to compensate what is lost in urine, respiration and perspiration)

  3. undamaged oils (fatty fish, raw butter, cod liver oil, unprocessed olive oil, avocado)

  4. fiber from raw organic fruits, vegetables and soaked/ sprouted seeds and legumes

These should be ample ingredients to give your colon a jump start or keep your elimination moving daily. On a side note, if after adding these valuable ingredients to your daily regime your elimination is still less then 2x/day, this is NOT something to be ignored but rather a huge red flag that your digestive system is in need of a tune up to literally get it moving again. What it may need is very much an individual determination considering your history, your diet and other daily life events. This is where my practice as a certified QRA Wellness Practitioner comes into practice. For further assistance or questions about this contact Tracy at or 310 798 7600.

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