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For Your Health: Benefits of Myofascial Release & Tone (MFRT) Classes?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Why is CoeDynamics offering MFRT classes? Is it different than Pilates? How could I personally benefit from the class? How is this a self-therapeutic tool that can provide immediate and long-lasting relief from pain, discomfort, chronic aches, chronic tightness, and even stimulate healing? Is it expensive? I’ll answer the last question here. One main reason in offering the MFRT service in a class setting is to keep clients’ costs low as well as provide a simplistic and motivating learning environment, without having to know anatomy jargon. Most of us think of massage therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy and even surgery when we are trying to find relief. Unfortunately, most of us miss out on our own bodies ability to find its own relief when given the proper tools. To read more on how, sign up for this month’s CoeDynamics Wellness Blog by clicking here.

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