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Are you truly getting nutrition from your vitamins?

That the Lipitor is the #1 cholesterol drug in the world with over $9 Billion sales in 2012 alone?

But did you also know…. * people in the U.S. are now sicker and more depressed than ever… and heart disease is on the top of the list!

* Myth: there’s good cholesterol HDL, then there’s bad cholesterol LDL Truth: our body needs cholesterol, period. (Just as it needs air & water). The best measurement is not the individual levels of cholesterol but the balance of HDL to total cholesterol.

* statin drugs serve the purpose of lowering cholesterol by turning off the liver enzyme that produces cholesterol – this addresses the symptom (at the cost of turning off the body’s self- defense) – but does not address the cause of elevated blood pressure/cholesterol. In addition, studies have shown many adverse side          effects from statins ranging from muscle cramps, muscle degeneration, cancer, it also destroys the body’s crucial Coenzyme Q10 [needed for heart & muscle function]

What is cholesterol & why do I need it?: * it is a fatty substance produced mostly by liver (when it’s not over congested with toxins)

* put simply, cholesterol is vital to life

* Top 4 functions 1) it holds the structure of every cell membrane in the body, including our   brain which is 65% fat which controls neuro-function and memory

2) to make hormones which run our daily body function(sleep cycle, hunger thirst, energy,  mood, stress management, reproduction)

3) to make bile to break down fat which is a must to convert absorbed  into vitamin D (without cholesterol, the body can’t make vitamin D regardless how much sunlight is beaming on the skin) also aides in use of other fat  soluble vitamins (A,D,E, K, luten, carotene, lycopene)

4) to serve as garbage bag & glue, it binds with the fat-soluble toxins and seals internal lacerations both caused by toxic metals, bacteria etc.  In western medicine this is called hardened arteries [ plaque . .. this a natural defense to protect vital organs from rising & leaking toxicity.

NOTE:  increased cholesterol fat cells which leads to inflammation is a body’s self-defense (red flags) telling your body is trying to self HEAL and to protect from dis-ease..  Having improperly balanced cholesterol levels is a result of having acidic bile, hepatic or gall stones, or not enough bile being produced by the liver, as one of the jobs of liver bile is to remove excess cholesterol

An excellent analogy (excerpt of * imagine a house is on fire [ toxic body ] diligent firemen [ cholesterol & inflammation ] show up on active duty to put out the damage * think…. the bigger the fire, the more firemen are called upon the scene…it’s part of the self-healing * the twist…. imagine we decide to tackle this crime scene by drowning the firemen [ via Statin drugs* such as Lipitor ] * think… no more firemen, who’s left to save the house?, More Drugs? Which ignores the fire itself … * think…. by chemically messing with the mother nature within, we only begin to unravel a whole chain of side effects…one organ a time starting with the liver TAKE HOME MESSAGE:  Cholesterol is our friend a) Our body’s & mind’s are miraculously designed gifts from God that is an interconnected interdependent ecosystem b) when intoxicated, our body uses its natural resourcesto directly address the Root to return the body to balance … c) eliminating toxicity and providing nourishment from/to the body will allow the body to use its innate ability for…self-healing complete d) Natural ways to better balance your HDL to Total cholesterol (without putting the rest of your body/mind at risk):

– cleanse the liver – eliminate/decrease significantly: sugars, processed foods, trans and other damaged fats, refined grains – get your minerals and pH in balance – exercise the body – increase foods that promote HDL:  Cold Pressed Extra-virgin Coconut Oil, Clean/cultured Fish Oil, Raw butter (from grass fed cows) (Body & Mind Coe-   Dynamics, Inc. carries all these products for purchase and are quality beyond organic).

e) Remember: The big pharma industry is a profit industry telling a good-guy-bad-guy, unfortunately many times at the expense of human health

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Cleansing & Nourishing your body will kill off pathogens and resolve symptoms

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