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Will Pilates classes help me lose weight?

With summer around the corner, it’s easy to find reasons to lose weight and slim down. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that when people consider signing up for classes at a studio for Pilates, often times they ask the infamous question, “Will Pilates help me lose weight?”

Pilates classes are renowned for creating a leaner, longer appearance, and when you commit to consistent workouts and eat a healthier diet, chances are very good that you’ll lose weight. However, the effects of Pilates on your weight are not limited to a simple calorie burn—the way that it benefits your body is a much more complex equation.

While not everyone breaks a sweat during reformer workouts or during classes at a studio for Pilates, when done right, Pilates helps you develop and maintain lean muscle mass, which is critical to weight loss. The more lean muscle mass that you build, the more calories and fat you burn. Essentially, while you increase flexibility and build strength in muscle groups that are often times ignored, your metabolism gets a significant boost.

Pilates helps to realign your spine and posture, which results in that longer, leaner look we’re all striving for. The slow, flowing movements require concentration and grace, which keeps you centered and in a constant state of muscle engagement. In addition, the body awareness garnered from regular Pilates workouts transcends to other aspects of your life. People who are dedicated to exercise and work on their bodies on a consistent basis tend to make better choices when it comes to meals and alcohol consumption, and simply treat their bodies better in general.

Whether you do reformer workouts or mat Pilates classes, if you perform the exercises correctly and strive for better health through nutrition, you’re bound to achieve your weight loss goals.


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