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What is the Powerhouse?

The powerhouse is one of the most important concepts of Pilates. When Joseph Pilates created the exercises for Pilates classes and its practice, his goal was for practitioners to concentrate on stabilizing their core, which he also called the “Powerhouse.” This area encompasses the muscles between the upper pelvic bone and the bottom of the rib cage, including the abdominal, lower back, glutes, pelvic floor and hip muscles.

Developing a strong powerhouse is key to providing a foundation for any Pilates exercises you do, from basic stretching to reformer Pilates workouts. The muscles involved work cohesively to form a supportive corset that stabilizes your core and provides the strength needed to perform the exercises.

From your first series of Pilates classes or private sessions, it’s important to focus on your powerhouse. It’s what gives you the energy, strength and control to progress to more intense reformer Pilates workouts. Strengthening this area will also improve any other physical activities you do, as well as your posture

Pilates classes and private sessions should also strengthen the mind—which is why concentration is one of the six principles of Pilates. Concentrate on your powerhouse and focus on increasing stability to improve your practice and boost your overall fitness.

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