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Wellness Tip…Why and from What do We Need to Cleanse?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Food Chemicals – in foods: soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors, coloring – commercially grown foods:  insecticides, pesticides, animal growth hormones, GMO, unsanitary animal conditions, non-food animal feed (soy, GMO corn) Processed  damaged, fake, filler “foods”: – sugar, white flour, pasteurized foods, Environmental Toxins:  air, water, soil, electromagnetic fields(EMF)

• 20,000 new chemicals/year entered our environment over past 30 years

Since then:

–There has been a 50% reduction in antioxidant content of our food

–53% of Americans are chronically ill

•100% of American tested by EPA was shown to have toxic plastics (styrene) in their fat

• 2003 study identified 167 hazardous compounds in blood & urine of Americans; 76 were known to cause cancer, 94 are toxic to nervous system, 82 damage lungs, 86 affect hormone function, 79 cause birth defects

•2004 study found 287 industrial chemicals in baby’s umbilical-cord blood; 180 known to cause cancer, 217 toxic to brain and nervous system, 208 cause birth or developmental defects

• The EPA lists organophosphates (pesticides) as very highly acutely toxic to bees, wildlife, and humans. Personal & Household Care Toxins – hair dyes, make-up, facial care, sun screen, perfume/cologne – cleaning products, air freshener, carpet, paint Drugs: pharmaceutical, recreational,  cigarette smoke Supplements: fillers, binders, synthetics, mold Radiation (including x-rays): Emotional: subconscious and conscious AUTO ANALOGY

• No matter how well tuned the car is with quality oil & gas, it still produces toxic waste emission

• The human body is the same

– Toxic waste is a natural by-product of digestion

–The body is designed to naturally detoxify itself of these waste products.  However,

•it needs proper mineral levels to do such

*When toxins build faster in the body than the body can eliminate, the body is forced to store the toxins in the body (typically the weakest parts first).

SYMPTOMS/mechanical failure with a variety of names (headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic back pain, itis’s, IBS cancer, liver disease etc…)


Cleansing & nourishing your body will kill off pathogens and resolve symptoms

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