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Wellness Tip…. Are you getting your Omegas?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Get your Omegas 3,6,7,9 & Vitamin A & D in just a ½ tsp!

Omegas fats are a vital part of your daily diet. Here are just a few examples why:

1. Necessary for hormone production and function

2. Is food for brain, nerve, and heart function

a. fat comprises 60% of the brain

b. 50% of your cell membranes

c. 60% of fat in retina

3. For uptake of other vitamins and minerals especially  calcium

4. Protects the liver from toxins,

5. lubricates tissues

6. Necessary for healthy lung and kidney function

7. and they don’t add fat to the body, IN FACT they help your body process fats and other nutrients

8. A higher need of Omegas are in need when

a. stress increases

b. a diet that consists of damaged fats (for more info on this visit this blog)

Buyer Beware: many market fish oils are processed using methods that cannot retain the full nutrient content and you should also know where the fish is sourced. GREEN PASTURE – Hand Crafts Blue Ice Royal and takes the extra step to ferments their oils (it’s a living food)! This not only keeps nutrients intact but also increases them. Green Pastures works exclusively with companies that practice Marine Stewardship under ecolable fishery certication program to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans. Blended with a high-vitamin butter oil the two oils together synergistically are much more powerful in their health benefits.

Get Your Blue Ice Royal today! This oil blend comes in three forms: non-gelatin capsules, cinnamon gel and non-flavored gel.

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