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Vacation Travel Companions (part II)

You don't want to leave home without them

For me, being on vacation means no time constraints or regular agendas. So I quite enjoy taking even just 2 days in the week of my vacation and exercise without time constraints. On a few of the other days I don’t want to get a full work-out in, I will practice a 5 – 15 minute routine of movements to activate my core, lightly stretch muscles, and put in a little cardio to get the circulation and blood flowing.

The previous Vacation Travel Companion blog that gave prevention tips on how to prevent being sick while on or returning vacation, I also mentioned 3 exercise/stretch companions that I travel with, for stretching, core activation, and some cardio: a. a deflatable ball (6 – 8in. diameter) that re-inflates with a straw b. a resistance band c. a jump rope

Keep Muscles/Joints Happy in Just 5 – 15 Minutes Here are just a few ways each of your traveling exercise companions can be used:

1. Core warm up exercise: Knee lifts

Position: Lye back on floor (with ball under sacrum), knees bent, feet on floor, arms straight on floor along side hips Movement: a. Inhale to activate your core b. Exhale bring right leg into table top position (foot off floor) c. Inhale connect to core deeper d. Exhale bring left leg into to table top e. begin to alternate lowering legs, keep pelvis completely stable on ball Repeat: 5 – 10 switches

2. Spinal Articulation (stretching): Pelvic Curl

Position: Lying back on floor, knees bent, ball between thighs, feet on floor fist distance apart arms on floor straight along side hips. Movement: a. inhale prepare by activating to the lower core b. exhale begin to peel pelvis off floor starting with tail bone and continue articulating the spine off the floor until torso and thighs are in one long slope c. Inhale hold the position, keep good hold of ball between thighs (don’t grip glutes) d. exhale sequentially lower spine back to ground until in neutral spine Repeat: 8 – 10 times

3. Glutes, Hamstrings Quads, Inner Thighs and Core)!: Wall slides

Position: Standing with your back against a wall (sacrum, mid back/shoulders and back of arms touching the wall, back of head close to the wall). Feet should be parallel, sit bone distance apart and place ball between thighs. Eyes should be looking straight forward. Movement: a. Inhale activate core b. Exhale begin to bend hips and knees allowing back to slide down the wall (do not compress low back and do not let sacrum come away from the wall). c. Inhale & Exhale for 2 – 5 counds hold the hip/knee flexion keeping the heels reaching into the ground knee d. On next inhale use hamstrings and glutes to slide up the wall and straighten the legs Repeat: 10 reps

4.Asymmetrical Strengthening of Core/Obliques: Tree

Position: Begin by lying on your back, right leg straight on the ground with foot flexed, left leg lifted at 75 degrees in front of hip foot flexed at ankle and place a resistance band around bottom of foot and hold with hands arms stretched out straight with some resistance on the band. Movement: a. Take an inhale through your nose to activate core, and keep leg on floor pressing down and reaching out through heal b. Exhale begin to lift the back of head and shoulders into an ab curl, then continue to curl up off the floor until on sacrum while hands walk up the resistance band (be careful not to pull the lifted leg towards you, keep it in place c. Inhale hold at the top and point/flex foot 3 times, then circle foot/ankle 3 tines in one direction and 3 times in other direction (keep breathing as you do this) d. On next exhale begin to walk hands down the band as you return your back and head down to the floor in sequential order. Repeat: 3 times with one leg then change legs

5. Its Cardio time! Make sure to have supportive gym shoes on (and keep your core active) to eliminate unnecessary impact on your ankle, knee, hip, back joints. Shoes should allow mobility in your feet so you can stimulate the foot muscles* to activate your postural muscles (aka Core) and put a spring into your lift off the ground as well as your landing to the ground. For a quick cardio and ease of traveling I pack up my jump rope. With jump rope in hand and setting the timer on your phone for 30 – 120 seconds, then walk around for 30 – 60 seconds (so heart rate does not get shocked then repeat interval 2 – 3 times.

*Due to modern day shoes, our foot muscles are not as strong, mobile as they should be which lead to a ton of joint issues (all the way up to the neck…. this is a separate blog all together). In the meantime, to help learn how to re-stimulate the activity and flexibility of your foot muscles join one of CoeDynamics Pilates Circuit classes with TRX and Jump Board which in all 3 activities the focus becomes how you are using your feet to initiate your movment and support your posture. You’ll be amazed on how much more efficient and effective your full body work-out will become as well as the amount of pressure relieved from your joints.

Now you are really ready to enjoy that day of vacation!

To your health & Fun, Fun, Fun, Summer Travels! – Tracy Tracy Coe, is a certified LBDC Functional Movement and PMA Pilates Teacher. In 2002, with a desire to serve the well-being of her community, Tracy directed her focus to assisting others to achieving their goals of physical fitness, and wellness. Tracy packaged a 6 year business career with an extensive education of Pilates Certification(s), Medical Exercise Conditioning Specialist, Physical Therapy Assistance and a QRA Wellness Certification and established CoeDynamics in 2003. CoeDynamics is the South Bay’s premier Pilates Wellness and TRX studio. The teaching staff at CoeDynamics guide clients in transforming their overall health through Pilates and TRX instruction, wellness education programs, and individual wellness consultations. Tracy and her staff hold a high devotion to the education of Pilates fitness and health, recognizing that our knowledge is a constant evolution of learning and dedication. To contact CoeDynamics, email or call 310.798.7600.

Disclaimer: Messages from CoeDynamics are not regulated by FDAA and are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or health condition. It is solely informational in nature. Please consult your health care practitioner before engaging in any treatments or nutritional product mentioned or suggested in these messages.

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