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TRX Classes and Weight Loss

Have you tried one of our

TRX classes yet? In addition to our killer reformer Pilates workouts, we offer amazing TRX workouts to help you sculpt, tone and burn additional calories, which ultimately leads to increased weight loss. These intense, focused workouts are designed to build strength and increase muscle mass, and can substantially boost your overall health.

If your routine needs an overhaul or you’re tired of the same old bench presses, treadmill or Stairmaster workout, TRX workouts can give your regimen the boost it needs. TRX, which is an acronym for Total Resistance Exercise, is a full body workout that was designed by a Navy SEAL commando and then popularized our Navy Seals. While it looks and sounds like a workout for elite athletes, the movement is completely customizable, and therefore a regimen that anyone, at any fitness level, can do.

TRX was created because the Navy Seals needed a way to exercise in cramped quarters, such as the submarines, barracks and safe houses they stay in during their critical military missions. The workout yielded such great results that people across many other disciplines took notice and started incorporating the workout into their routines. TRX is now featured in classes all across the country and more than 30,000 personal trainers are TRX-certified.

The results that TRX workouts produce are stellar. Similar to reformer Pilates workouts, TRX focuses on strengthening and tightening the core, while sculpting, toning and improving balance. The workout increases lean muscle mass—and the more lean muscle we have, the faster our bodies burn calories and the more efficient our metabolism becomes. This boosts our weight loss efforts while helping to add muscle definition.

In addition to helping with weight loss, TRX workouts improve our posture and bolsters spine health. Coupled with the results from a regular Pilates practice, a TRX regimen helps us look leaner and longer, which only augments our improved appearance from weight loss.


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