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Top 3 ways Pilates classes benefit new moms

Whether you’re a brand new mother or the parent of a toddler, there are many ways that Pilates classes can benefit your health. A regular practice results in a strong, leaner body that works more efficiently, and can also help prevent injuries. Both mat classes and reformer Pilates workouts can help you make the most of motherhood, while boosting your overall health and fitness.

Here are the top 3 ways that Pilates classes can benefit new mothers:

1. Pilates workouts help relieve tension in the neck and shoulder girdle. When you have a newborn or young child, you sit a lot to rock and feed them. As simple a position as sitting is, doing so while holding your baby creates tension in your neck and upper back. The weight of a child, no matter how small, can pull your neck and shoulders forward, causing pain and tightness. During both mat classes and reformer Pilates workouts, you get the chance to stretch your shoulders and lengthen your spine, while strengthening the smaller muscle groups that help support your core while sitting.

2. Even though babies are small, it’s easy to strain yourself when picking them up as much as we do. Core and abdominal strength are essential for preventing low back strain and other injuries. A regular Pilates practice builds the strength you need to support your back and avoid potentially debilitating injuries.

3. Developing strength in your arms and assuming proper posture is critical for new mothers. You’ll need to be able to hold your baby and carry it for long periods of time in a wide range of positions. Pilates helps you develop the necessary strength in your arms and upper body, so that you’re not using your fragile lower back to do all the work.

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