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Top 3 Benefits of Reformer Workouts

Just like with our mat Pilates classes, our

reformer workouts provide a wide range of awesome benefits. They help us boost flexibility and improve balance, while toning and strengthening our muscles, with specific focus on the all-important core. The reformer is one of the safest, most effective pieces of exercise equipment you’ll ever work with and can be used by a wide-range of individuals, including those who are recovering from injuries.

Read on to see what we think are some of the top three Pilates benefits of reformer workouts.

1. A strong core. Pilates focuses on the core—nearly every move you make on this machine will require some connection to it. This is great because having a strong core is essential to a healthy life, as it protects our spine from injury and can help reduce back pain—and of course, it helps us get closer to a flat stomach and six-pack abs.

2. Boosted Flexibility and Strength. Reformers are excellent for stretching and resistance training. Most Pilates exercises target the stretching and elongating of all the muscles, especially the smaller ones that are often overlooked in other workouts. Reformer workouts build strength using resistance, without adding bulk, resulting in a sleek, lean and toned appearance.

3. Better Posture. One of the most critical Pilates benefits is how much it improves your posture. Since Pilates exercises are so focused on the core, they are targeting the muscles that support the spine, including the multifidus, transverse abdominus and pelvic floor. As these muscles get stronger, our spinal flexibility increases so that we flex our spine and stand up straighter, and are therefore less susceptible to injury. In addition, as we increase body awareness and build the core muscles, they can better support your joints in an upright position. The more Pilates classes you take, the straighter you will stand.

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