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The benefits of Pre-natal Pilates classes

Pilates is one of the best workouts to do before, during and after a pregnancy. It is one of the safest exercise modalities and builds the core strength that is so fundamental during this period of life. Most women find that taking Pilates classes helps them feel better and stronger throughout their entire pregnancy, while ultimately helping them to prepare for labor and delivery.

Whether you do reformer workouts or mat Pilates classes, the results include toned abdominals, back muscles, and strengthened pelvic floor and Kegel muscles, which lead to a more comfortable pregnancy and labor. It also helps improve your concentration, flow of movement, and ability to center yourself, all of which are key to experiencing a successful labor with less pain and difficulty. Exercising these muscles during the pregnancy also makes it easier to get back in shape again after birth.

Another reason that Pilates makes for such an excellent prenatal workout is the adaptability of each of the exercises. The majority of Pilates moves can be modified for the person’s individual situation—which is why many choose it to rehabilitate and recover from injuries. Even reformer workouts can be easily tailored to a person’s strengths, weaknesses, or the limits imposed by an injury or pregnancy.

If you choose Pilates as your pre-natal workout, it’s important to work with a reputable studio. In addition, it’s important to find a small class or work with an instructor one-on-one so that you can receive personalized attention and ensure that you don’t strain yourself. If you already have a Pilates practice, then you should be able to continue it easily. But if you have never done Pilates before, it’s not the time to try it on your own using a DVD or book—definitely seek out a Pilates studio or reputable instructor to work with.


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