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Take Pilates on Vacation With You

It’s easy to get off track from your workouts during the summer, especially when you have a packed social schedule or are heading away a vacation. While it’s okay to skip a workout or two, you don’t want to make it a habit, especially if you’ve been exercising consistently and take mat Pilates classes regularly. Too much time off can set you back, so instead, why not use your vacation as a way to expand your practice?

If you currently take private sessions or mat Pilates classes, ask your instructor to recommend some specific moves that are tailored to your individual needs that you can do on the go. While the moves they recommend may be different than your usual reformer workouts and mat Pilates classes, they can help you maintain flexibility and strength, while helping you decompress from travel.

While most of us simply relax when we go on vacation, we don’t always realize the toll it takes on our bodies. Whether you travel by airplane, train or car, you’ll most likely experience extended periods of immobility, which can result in stiffness, soreness, and for some, more serious health conditions. Plus, once you arrive, you may participate in more strenuous activities than you would normally at home—from zip lining and hiking to sailing or surfing—any of which may create different stressors for your body. With this in mind, choose some moves that you’ve already practiced in Pilates classes and learn some safe stretching techniques that can help you rejuvenate from traveling and other activities.

While you may not be able to partake in reformer workouts while you’re away, you can pack some light equipment to increase your range of exercise moves. If you can, try to pack a few resistance bands, and if possible, a Magic Circle. A tennis ball can be helpful for rolling out your feet as well and helping them recover from extensive walking or any soreness from traveling. A mat would be ideal, but a towel will do the trick in a pinch.


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