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Take nutrition information to a new level with our Wellness Seminar

Updated: Jan 29, 2021


Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics invites you to our next Proactive Wellness Seminar—Step 2 of 3… Get the BAD out! Eliminating toxins is essential to having a healthy body and a life of wellness and vitality. Our goal is to provide critical nutrition information to our clients as well as access to healing remedies. In this seminar, we’ll share ways to safely remove waste from our blood and respiratory systems that may otherwise cause illnesses and disease, as well as a sluggish metabolism and lack of energy.

GETTING the BAD OUT is extremely effective in finding and maintaining overall wellness. Eliminating the toxins we absorb from our environment, chemical insult, vaccinations, medications, years of eating junk food and other factors is mandatory to ease chronic pain, relieve headaches and build immunity. This seminar will give you the tools you need to clear the toxins that hinder life and contribute to “dis –ease.”

The seminar will provide resources and at home-instructions for basic toxicity removal to stimulate physical and mindful wellness, including Ancient Healing Remedies such as foot soaking, mud spa therapy and internal filter changes.

Through programs like this and by providing nutrition information and services, we aim to help you achieve sustained energy, deep restful sleep and a life of health and vitality. This wellness education seminar is open to everyone! To register, call 310.798.7600 or email us at

Proactive Wellness Seminar When: Saturday, June 16 from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. Presented by: Tracy Coe – Whole Health Wellness & Quantum Nutrition Educator and Georgette of Colonique Cleansing Location: Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics Pilates Studio 500 S. Sepulveda,#302 Manhattan Beach CA 90266

Registration Cost: $20 Space is limited. Pre-Registration is required

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