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Start your summer right with more Pilates classes!

Summer is around the corner—it’s the perfect time to get in your best shape ever and go deeper into your Pilates practice. Taking Pilates classes is a great way to get the most out of your practice, either as a supplement to your Private sessions, complement to other workouts and even as your regular form of exercise. We offer a wide schedule of Pilates classes with something to fit everyone’s busy schedule—click here to see our weekly list of classes and to register online.

We strive to keep all the classes at our Pilates studio small so that everyone receives personalized attention. We make sure no one gets lost in the crowd, because there is none—we like to keep the number of students in our Manhattan Beach Pilates classes to around five, so that’s it’s almost like a semi-private class. That way we can make sure to adjust your form if necessary and help you keep that body mind connection that we think is so fundamental to your overall health and wellness.

If you want to make sure that this holiday weekend doesn’t get you completely off track, come in to our Pilates studio! We’ll be open the morning of Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, and there will be an awesome a Pilates Reformer class at 10 am! There’s no better way to start off your Memorial Day.

We also have a brand new Intermediate/Advanced class starting this Saturday at 10:15 am. This class includes work with our Pilates equipment and will be taught by our newest instructor, Sacha Malinbaum. A Redondo Beach native, Sacha was introduced to Pilates classes during recovery from surgery to remove a bone tumor in her left hip at the age of 16. She fell in love with Contrology and the Joseph Pilates methodology. After years of practice and experiencing significant benefits to her body and mind, Sacha decided to become certified. She received her certification through The Pilates Institute of Southern California and taught even while pursuing her Master’s degree in clinical social work in New York. You’ll absolutely love the passion and zeal for wellness and health that she exudes in each class and private session!

To register for either class, call us at 310.798.7600 or click here for our online schedule.

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