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Share this Video about our Food Supply!

 Do you eat?  Then this is a great FRESH movie to watch on food supply.  A paradigm shift from industrial production to farm FRESH the way nature attended for you to get your nutrients.  This movie is FREE to watch only through March 3, 2012.  The movie is one hour but worth the impressionate time of what has been don to our land and what the refreshing alternative could be!

Story at-a-glance

  1. The “faster, bigger, cheaper” approach to food production is unsustainable and contributing to the destruction of our planet and your health

  2. It is time to shift our food paradigm toward one that is more focused on natural, organic and independent community farms that practice polyculture, as opposed to monoculture

  3. Monoculture agricultural practices damage the soil, increase dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, encourage the use of GMOs, and contribute to antibiotic resistant bacterial strains

  4. The argument that small independent farms cost more to operate and are less profitable is a myth that has been disproven by science

  5. Government subsidizes corn growers but not veggie growers, and massive food production monopolies like ADM and Cargill control the food chain from seed to plate, essentially holding farmers captive

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