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Pilates April Newsletter

In This Newsletter:


WooHoo! CoeDynamics now has an App for your phone, where all your Pilates, TRX classes and Privates can be scheduled, requested, canceled, purchased, reminders and even check yourself into class from your phone! You can also get up to date special APP promotions. Privates will continue to be scheduled through the studio via email. Install the FREE CoeDynamics App today from either link


For ages 12-18 begins 4/12/2016 at 4pm

In a fun environment teens will practice Pilates to build their core strength and mind-body awareness. This is a very beneficial age to begin this practice to build confidence, muscle/posture memory and health habits for a lifetime. Pilates classes will be based upon Pilates 4 Youth initiative.

To register for a series or single class click here.


“I have had the opportunity to try many pilates studios through the years. This has been my favorite now for years! CoeDynamics Teachers are pro’s at giving understandable cues, watching for form for everyone in the class, and keeping things fresh!”

We LOVE our clients and we hope it shows! We, and the Southbay, would love to read what you love about CoeDynamics.

There are 3 different options you can use to send out your review:

  1. Google+ In your web browser search for CoeDynamics. When our map pops (right hand side), select the button “write a review”

  2. CoeDynamics Yelp

  3. Facebook

  4. Log into your Facebook account

  5. Search for CoeDynamics or click here

  6. Scroll down our page on left column below "About" you'll see "Reviews" with your profile picture next to empty stars. Fill up the stars to your rating preference and maybe add a quick comment to follow-up your rating.


CoeDynamics current blog series takes a look at hormones in connection with the function of the endocrine system of both women and men. How the use of any natural, synthetic, or bio-identical hormones could have a long term damaging effect on your body and health. Then tips of how you can direct your own body to innately balance its hormones and detoxify from the previous use of medications, HRT, “natural” hormones or bio-identical hormones. To sign up for your free monthly CoeDynamics Wellnss Blog click here.


Annual Community outreach, April 30th, 2016. Together with local churches you can serve schools, hospitals, parks, and nonprofit organizations in your community. This is a great opportunity for families to serve together as we help with gardening, building, painting and cleaning projects at Washington Elementary School in Redondo Beach. For more information or sign-up email

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