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Pilates and Skiing—An Ideal Combination

Whether you’re an avid skier or are just learning how to ski, a regular Pilates practice can play a fundamental role in your performance in this sport and help with injury prevention. As you may already know from taking classes at our

Pilates studio, the workouts help build a strong, stable core which translates to better turns and a boost in confidence on the slopes.

If you’re ready to take your skiing to the next level, incorporate some mat classes or reformer Pilates workouts into your regimen. Proper core stabilization is key to any physical activity we participate in, but especially when trying to avoid injury while skiing. The muscle groups activated during a ski session get very tight and are often used improperly, resulting in the potential for injury and extreme soreness the following day. When you hit classes at the Pilates studio regularly, you’ll be able to avoid some of the muscle imbalances that cause overuse of your muscles and will engage your core easily and more organically.

Skiiers are at high risk for knee injuries, which can be extremely debilitating and often times require surgery. A Pilates practice makes us more aware and requires us to focus on a dynamic and full range of motion, which transcends to our daily lives and physical activities. In addition, both mat classes and reformer Pilates workouts strengthen the hamstrings, which helps balance overused quads. In addition, there is much emphasis on the adductors in Pilates, which can assist with keeping the skis under the center of the body and help with recovery from catching an edge.

Another high risk injury that skiiers are prone to are related to the lower back, as it is easy to overuse this area when skiing. Injuries to the lower back are extremely painful, and are often causes by improper alignment and poor core stabilization. The emphasis of neutral spine alignment in Pilates will help decrease risk of muscle imbalances and injury to this area.


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