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Mix it up and get centered with FREE Pilates classes!

As you may already know from your Pilates classes, Centering is one of the major principles of Pilates. It’s the act of physically bringing your focus to the “powerhouse” of your body, aka the core. In Pilates, all movement initiates from your powerhouse—it’s the foundation of all movement.

When you center yourself during an exercise, you become aware of your body’s alignment. As you grow stronger through regular Pilates classes and workouts, you’ll move with more grace and freedom. Our goal with all of the workouts at our Pilates studio is to strengthen and lengthen your core, making all movements easier and to decrease strain on the spine—this helps to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

Learning to engage your core properly is something you can incorporate into all aspects of your daily routine. To make the most out of all movement you engage in throughout the day, including other workouts and physical activity, build up your Pilates practice as much as you can. Mix up your classes! In addition to your private sessions, join one of our Pilates Equipment Community classes, Pilates Mat Community classes or our killer Jump Board Class to mix a little cardio into your workout.

The best part is, for the rest of June, we’ve got several FREE classes at our Pilates studio to give you a chance to try something new and mix it up!

Check out the schedule by clicking here. Hurry and take advantage of this special offer, because it’s only offered through June!


Monday 7:15 am         Pilates Equipment Class Monday  6:30 pm        30 minute Pilates Jump Board Class Tuesday 7:15 am         Pilates Equipment Class Saturday 10 am            Free Int./Adv. Pilates Equipment Class

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