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March 2012 Newsletter

Pilates – March Pilates Class Madness Unlimited $20 Equipment classes and $5 Mat/Jump Board classes!

Receive these awesome Pilates Class rates at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. throughout the entire Month of March 2012!  No package purchases are needed.

These rates can be available to you when you and your referred client* come in for your March Pilates 2012 Pilates Classes.

*referred client, must be a new client to Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc.

For more information and to take advantage of the March Madness Pilates Class Rates — call 310-798-7600

Pilates – Health Insurance options for our clients

Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. is happy to announce to be joining forces in restoring and maintaining your physical health with Dr. Natasha Nelson, D.C. with Pilates and Chiropractic Care. If you are or know of someone seeking to participate with Pilates and Chiropractic care as a part of rehabilitative, and/or proactive health care this could open up the options of utilizing your health insurance for coverage to a portion of these costs. To find out if your insurance plan is one of them, contact Dr. Nelson, D.C. at (310) 374-6363 or Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, at (310) 798-7600

Dr. Nelson, D.C. Chiropractic practice is within the same facility as Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc.  Dr. Nelson owns Inside Out, a chiropractic wellness center, and has practiced for over 12 years. Dr. Nelson graduated from Palmer West College of Chiropractic in 1998.  She attended Santa Clara University with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  She is an accomplished athlete, having played basketball, professional beach volleyball, nationally and internationally, and her newest love…tennis.

Inside Out believes in three pillars of health: Physical, Chemical, Emotional.

For Your Health:  Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc.  Presents & Invites you to…

A Paradigm Shift:   Proactive Health for Life is…..     “Wellness from outside-in and inside-out”

Has it stirred you that… ·   America is #1 in healthcare expenditures compared to the whole world but at same time mortality level rankings are 36, 39, 42 & 43rd ·   53% Americans are chronically ill  or ·   Today, children are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes (a.k.a. adult onset)

Are you….. *   Looking for better health news reports? *   Wanting to be and stay on the statistics of good health with day-to-day health choices, tools, and resources?

We welcome you, friends, families & co-workersto attend this wellness education seminar that will lead you to a Paradigm Shift of Proactive Whole Health & Wellness!

This Proactive Health Seminar…  Will take place:  Friday, March 23, 2012;  6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Presented by: Tracy Coe – Whole Health Wellness & Quantum Nutrition Educator

Location:  500 S. Sepulveda,#302 Manhattan BeachCA90266 Registration Cost:  $20 (Space is limited Pre-Registration,is required)

For More Info & To Register: please contact (310) 798 7600 or

Thought to Ponder:  “Life is what you make of it …. kinda like Play-Doh”

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