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July 2012 Newsletter

In This Newsletter:

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BMCD News – Welcome to BMCD, Luann Klein! Welcome BMCD newest staff teaching member Luann Klein and receive 1 Free Pilates Class with Luann when you mention this newsletter. To learn more about Luann, click here. *This offer is available for both new and existing clients

New BMCD Video: Strengthening Muscles in Extension For your at-home Pilates practice.

The contraction of muscles is not just about shortening a muscle to make it strong but to properly support your workouts and everyday activities. Extension muscles also need to be balanced in strength, not to mention how it works and looks great for posture, leaning and toning the whole body. To practice these Pilates exercises along with Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. please click here.

For Your Health: Market Vitamins/Supplements, Buyer Be Informed Research shows that many people take supplements in an effort to compensate for years spent living an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the most important thing you can do for your overall wellness is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle through whole health and nutrition programs. In addition, when you buy supplements, it’s critical to be informed of the quality and know if your body is even needing what you are taking. Part of our mission at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics is to provide the most up-to-date nutrition information available, so that you can live the best most vital life possible. Click here to read more.

To learn more about out nutrition counseling services, please contact 310.798.7600 or

BMCD Client testimonial

Here's what one of our clients had to say about BMCD:

THE PILATES STUDIO WHERE YOU LEARN HOW TO MAKE THE BODY & MIND CONNECTION! “I have taken Pilates for years at a time at other studios throughout Los Angeles, but my experience with Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics is by far the best I’ve ever had—the instruction methodology at this Pilates studio is absolutely unrivalled! Hands down, it’s the best Pilates instruction I’ve ever received—the knowledge I’ve gained about the mind/body connection is priceless and has changed all of my activity, from day-to-day errands and walking around to my training and workouts, which includes intense rehearsals and working out with a trainer to pro athletes. In addition, it’s helped my physical performance as a dancer tremendously. I’ve had sessions with Kelly and Tracy, and they are both amazing! I truly believe in the rehabilitative power of Pilates now—just last week, I came to my session with a headache, which I mentioned to my instructor. By the end of my session, I’d completely forgotten about the headache—because it was gone! I can’t say enough great things about Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics.” –BMCD Client, Chaton Anderson

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