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Incorporating wellness and nutrition information into your daily life

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Were you able to make it to our Proactive Wellness Seminar? It was a very transformational experience for those who attended—Tracy shared some amazing nutrition information about body ecology, super foods and the critical mind/body connection that we will try to recap over the next few months. Stay tuned for dates on the next seminar—you won’t want to miss the kind of valuable information that can help you achieve health and wellness from the inside out.

In order to restore our body ecology and get closer to overall wellness, we need to find ways to minimize the toxins we put in our bodies, clear those that our bodies are storing, and then restore our system to normalcy. Taking these three steps allows us to rebuild our health and immunity so that we can experience a healthy lifestyle, filled with vitality, optimism, joy, community orientation, sharp mindedness and restful sleep that will endure throughout our lifetime. The nutrition information that Coe-Dynamics provides as part of its commitment to our clients can help change your entire life, from your inner world to your outer world.

As a Whole Health Wellness and Quantum Nutrition Educator, Tracy Coe provides Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRATM) and Whole Health education through wellness seminars, group wellness programs and personalized services to help clients eliminate health issues and live the best lives possible. Find out more information on these transformational offerings by calling the Pilates studio at 310.798.7600 or via email at

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