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How Pilates Classes Improve Body Awareness

Nearly every client of our Pilates studio has shared their excitement over the increased body awareness they experience as they get deeper into their practice. Whether you’re a professional athlete, dancer, business mogul, new mom or are just looking to increase the benefits of your physical activity in general,

Pilates classes provide one of the best ways to improve range of motion, flexibility, posture, strength, coordination, and yes, body awareness.

When performed correctly, Pilates significantly improves your body awareness. When students are properly supervised, ideally in private sessions or Pilates classes, that awareness will increase that much quicker. Many of us exercise the wrong way and perform daily activities using incorrect posture—often times, this results in strain, injury or weak postural muscles. Pilates enables you to develop your deep core muscles, aka the “powerhouse,” to correct your posture and use your awareness to perform all of your physical activities in a way that is healthier for your body overall.

When you work out at a Pilates studio regularly, you’ll find that your efforts to center your body will transcend into your daily life. You’ll grow more aware of your posture and be inclined to engage your core when doing everyday tasks like sitting at your desk, driving, cooking, carrying groceries and performing housework. This will benefit every aspect of your life—from sports performance to reducing pain from injuries and improving how well you sleep at night. By increasing focus on the way you move, you’ll retrain your mind and build more symmetry and coordination within your body.

Ultimately, Pilates can transform your physical awareness and well as your mental awareness. By increasing your concentration on your movement, this makes you more present in every aspect of life and will carry over to all other areas of your being.


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