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How important is water and is your body hydrated?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Water: Water is the basis for all life

  1. It is “the life blood of the earth”

  2. A human body of a healthy adult is 70 – 80% water

Did you know…? Being thirsty is actually a sign of severe dehydration.

A few functions of water in your body

  1. Primary ingredient in all body fluids

  2. Transport nutrients to different parts of our body

  3. Transport toxins out of the body

  4. Carries hormones and disease fighting cells

  5. Vital for proper digestion including regular bowel movements

  6. Vital for energy production in the cells

  7. Regulates body temperature

  8. Protects and cushions tissues and lubricates joints

  9. Forms a matrix to carry nerve impulses and brain signals throughout the body

  10. Essential for the body and mind to function

Even if you are drinking water, are your cells actually hydrated?

What type of water are you drinking?

  1. Chlorine and Fluoride treated Tap

  2. Bottled

  3. Purified

  4. Alkalized

  5. Reverse Osmosis

  6. Distilled

Keeping it very simple, all above water is dead, denatured, and void of minerals (or even worse contains synthetics) and therefore void of LIFE, and unable to hydrate your cells and perform imperative functions in the body needed for performance and healing!

Think about it, in its natural alive state, water moves freely in an inward spiraling movement (visualize a stream, flowing river, waves or even the water that goes down your bath drain).

When water is forcefully squeezed and pressurized through straight, smooth, round pipes to transport it to its required destination and bottled in plastic or electrically charged, it loses its freedom and its health.

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