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Hormones: Let Your Body Balance & Detoxify (Part III)

Revitalize your lifestyle to brings balance, restoration and rejuvenation to your hormone system (no matter your age, gender, lifestyle, or condition).

Part I identified how our systems, glands, organs are intimately linked to the endocrine system and how an imbalance of one gland could create a domino effect to the body.

Part II explained how the use of “hormones” is not addressing the cause but treating the symptom and furthers the hormone imbalance with a combined potential of creating other detrimental health side effects.

Our Creator’s design and capabilities of our body’s is quite miraculous, and it requires our participation to keep them in fine operating order. So what is the key to truly balancing and rejuvenating your hormones? Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP has stated it best, "Hormone Rejuvenation vs. Hormone Replacement." There is a twofold answer to hormone rejuvenation. The first is that one must address the root causes (usually more then one) rather then band-aide the symptom. As you will see in more detail below our endocrine (hormone) system can be affected by a variety of lifestyle choices that can either create a balanced or imbalanced system. The second answer is that we are all unique and are affected differently. This is also addressed below.

Hormone Rejuvenation vs. Hormone Replacement Address Root Causes to Balance Hormones and Alleviate Symptoms

Here is a: non-inclusive list of endocrine disruptors (aka hormone imbalancers): nutrient deficient and/or toxic diet, environmental toxicity, personal care product toxicity, dental toxicity, synthetic electrical magnetic frequencies toxicity, medication/drugs, imbalanced lifestyle, adrenal exhaustion, emotional toxicity.

Below will summarize on a few of their effects. Daily Eating:

should be foods that are nutrient dense and naturally cleansing. You here it constantly “eat healthy” beyond that I like to say eat a whole food diet that contains its nutrients, but why? A very basic but essential reason is that when our digestive system is not in a healthy state

  1. Its impossible to get the proper nutrients the organs, glands, systems of our bodies need to optimally function this includes your endocrine system.

  2. At the same time when our digestive system is taxed with toxic “foods” simply put the bad bugs win over and your body spends much unnecessary energy trying to fight off infection exhausting the energy needed by your endocrine system to function.

For a general list of foods that provide nutrition and those that provide toxins click here.

Nutrients (a few) needed for healthy endocrine system:

  1. Vegetables/fruits (for a variety of vitamins and minerals)

  2. Healthy unprocessed raw fats: butter, avocado, walnuts (for body to uptake fat soluble vitamins)

  3. Clean protein for amino acids the building blocks of our body and full complex of B vitamins (for liver function(

  4. Raw/cultured foods (for digestive enzymes and Probiotics (necessary for digestive system to breakdown foods and uptake nutrients)

  5. Cod Liver Oil/Fatty Fish: a rich nutrient dense food for endocrine system function

Toxic “food” examples that disrupt endocrine system:

  1. Excitotoxins can disrupt many functions of the body including the endocrine system. Excitotoxins that come through chemicals labeled in foods such as MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and aspartame. These “food” ingredients react with brain receptors that cause destruction of brain cells. Over time this could be contributed to a number of neurological disorders such as: migraines, seizures, infections, abnormal neural development, endocrine disorders, obesity, ALS, parkinsons, Alzheimer, etc..

  2. Daily in-take of caffeine dehydrates the adrenal glands affecting cortisol levels and sugar exhausts them. An endocrine rebuilding diet is a must for all hormonally challenged patients.

Environmental/Dental/Heavy Metal Toxicity/Synthetic EMF/Personal Home Care Toxicity This is a lot summed into one but the main idea is there are other ways your body pulls in toxins outside of just foods. I’ll give a minimal example of each:

  1. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it is well documented/researched the number of chemicals in personal care products (soaps, shampoos, sunscreen cosmetics lotions etc) have carcinogenic potentials as well as endocrine disruptors. For example: Parabens are estrogenic which means they have the ability to mimic estrogen in the female body. Parabens are found in most breast tumors.

  2. Heavy metals are endocrine disruptors: Cu, CO, Ni, Pb, Hg, Sn, Cr they have the potential for cell proliferation and damaging the progesterone receptor. Where do these heavy metals come from: dental fillings, tap water (or improperly unfiltered water), breast implants, vaccinations (children and adults), personal care and home care products.

  3. Synthetic Electrical Magnetic Frequencies is brain battery draining and excessive radiation exposure, both of which effect sleep and when sleep is not efficient your body is unable to repair causing dysfunction of endocrine system (and many other systems).


They have some great purposes but as stated by a medical icon – Dr. William Osler, often referred to “Father of Modern Medicine” “One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine (i.e. drugs).” He also stated, “There are, in truth, no specialties in medicine, since to know fully many of the most important diseases a man must be familiar with their manifestations in many organs.” The adverse effects of drug use is too numerous to even begin including linking to endocrine disruptors alone.

A great not-for-profit resource that you can educate yourself on widely used medication and adverse side effects is One of their guiding principles is “to use as few drugs as possible, in order to reduce adverse reactions and increase the odds of properly taking the drugs that are really necessary.” Imbalanced lifestyle, adrenal exhaustion, emotional toxicity

We all have stress”ors” in our life and many times it is how we let it effect us and how we approach them that will decide the actual impact they will have on one’s overall health. Grant it, there are times where the stressors in our lives can be escalated for a period of time, but when the escalation becomes chronic it can wreak havoc on your adrenal system, causing it to be in a constant fight and flight operation driving high cortiosol levels flooding your blood stream.

Essentially your body/mind is in a constant sense of panic. If stresses are not properly dealt with (meditation, breathing exercises, praying, balance diet, balanced exercise, restful quality sleep to name a few). eventually, your body can no longer balance and you may experience a slew of symptoms (excess weight, accelerated aging, skin disorders, irregular cycles, inability to sleep or get restful sleep, joint/muscle aches, hair loss, sugar cravings, heart palpitations, depression, headaches….) I think you get the point as the list goes on and on. It takes a little time, patience, and emotional wellbeing to rebuild the endocrine system. As is listed above there are many factors that can impact the endocrine system. That being said, not all steps need to be achieved at once to reap rewards of symptomatic relief.

How do I know, where to start?

The first understanding this answer is that Each Of Us Are Unique

Each of us our unique and how we have come to where we are at through different journeys so while one person’s hormone imbalance could be a primarily contributed by a nutrient deficient diet the next person’s imbalance could be primarily result of subconsciously carrying around repressed unhealthy emotions that are blocking a healthy function. Below are a few ways you can begin your balancing process. Step 1:

  1. If you already noticed that some of the items mentioned above could use a little cleaning up, then most certainly begin making those changes as you can only benefit from making healthy choices. An example plan could be something like:

  2. Reduce/remove toxic foods (highly cooked meats, pasteurized dairy, MSG, GMO, processed, canned, boxed foods)

  3. Add foods that support health meat broths, vegetables/fruits, undamaged fats, clean protein, sprouted and cultured foods

  4. Have dental metals properly removed from the mouth

  5. Begin a cleansing of your detox organs (like a filter change)

  6. Remove endocrine chemical disruptors: drink clean water with food sourced minerals (air-dried salt),

  7. Replace chemical laden personal care products with products that contain only natures properties

  8. Earthing: begin to get minimum 20 minutes of sun per day with your bare feet placed on the earth (grass, sand dirt). Another wonderful modern day earthing tools is getting a day mat or bedding that is lined with grounding material that connects to the earth directly through your electrical outlets or a small rod that goes straight into the ground to find out more click here. These earthing materials have had much success in supporting the balancing of hormones, quality sleep, suppressing neurological imbalances etc.

  9. Find stress relieve practices that you can commit to

Step 2:

  1. Obtain a hormone saliva panel. Dr. Dales clinical Five Elemental Saliva Test observes the full panel of male and female steroid hormones, 5 cortisol tests that correspond with the body’s natural circadian clock organs glands and emotions. This test also observes food intolerances and parasites, all within the comfort of your own home and simply ship via mail. Your lab results will be issued through Tracy Coe, a certified QRA, NEAR Practitioner and Health Provider with Dr. Dale. At which time you’ll be contacted to set-up a consultation with Tracy to review your lab results and further customize your hormone rejuvenation/balance program including a revitalizing and fulfilling way of eating. Simply order your 5 Element Hormone Saliva Test by clicking here or calling 310.798.7600. Test kit is free, excludes lab, wellness consultation, and S&H fees (if applicable).

  2. Based upon your hormone saliva panel, begin to replace hormone use with homeopathic remedies that re-educate your body to produce its own hormones and also detoxify synthetic hormones

Step 3:

If you feel overwhelmed on where to start or feel like you have already made some healthy changes and feel like you have not made much progress in balancing hormones/relieving imbalanced symptoms this is where the uniques of the individual comes strongly into practice and one of the great benefits in using a non-invasive very effective kinesiology testing technique called Quantum Reflex Analsys (QRA).

As a certified QRA Wellness Practitioner my clients one-on-one wellness consultations are taken to a much deeper level of looking into the body and learning where the body/mind has imbalances (digestion, liver, overexposures to synthetic electrical frequencies, internal communication disconnect between systems within the body, subconsciously holding toxic beliefs, identities etc) that are direct drivers to the symptoms. Together with the client programs are mapped out using exactly what is needed to bring these areas back into balance for the body to resume its optimal innate function. To read more click here Click here, to request an appointment for your initial wellness consultation.

Tracy Coe, Certified QRA Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner emphasizes a nutritionally dense diet, opening internal pathways to assist physical transformation, target specific health issues, guides clients to live healthier, more vibrant lives and freeing your body and mind of major and minor aches pains.

As a part of Tracy’s Wellness programs, she shares useful daily living practices that can be immediately implemented to support a journey of health and wellness for themselves and the entire family. Click here to read what her clients are saying, to read more of Tracy’s Wellness Blogs click here.

To Great Health & Wellness Tracy PMA-CPT, certified QRA & Wellness Practitioner


Dr. Dale’s 7 steps to a happier healthier & sexier You, Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP WHIMS May 28, 2003 issue Journal of the American Medical Association Dr. Dales 7 steps to a Happier Healthier & Sexier You; Thereesa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N, N.P.

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