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Friday the 13th Seminar was a Success!

What a great night Friday the 13th turned out to be!  We had @  a dozen ladies join us at the studio for a early evening of informative  information about foods, cravings, mineral, fats, enzymes, acids, digestive system (with Tracy’s artistic skills), our 2 Brains, and some tasty treats that all of us enjoyed and will implement into our new eating habits!

Who would have known you can make your own yogurt and crackers, with some amazing hummus and sip on a blueberry whey shake and it all taste good?  Do you have any special recipes using all natural and raw products?  Let us know so we can add them to our list of recipes!

The slide show with the mini projector worked out perfect!  What a great tool that was easy to install and helped us all following the seminar clearly and gave us  the ability to take notes. Bring your highlight,  since the packet already has plenty of detailed information about everything from how the body processes good and bad to step by step 21 day Meal, Beverage, and Nutrional Product Guide!

Next seminar is on Friday, January 27 at 6:30pm and if you can’t make that make sure you don’t miss it on Thursday 2/2!

Register and learn some new tools for life as well as helpful tips on how to cleanse, shop, and eat!

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