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Free Pilates anyone?

So its that new year and you have that thought that you want to get fit!  Have you thought about how you like to do this? or where you’d like to go?  Pilates is a fantastic way to get your engine running the right way as it focuses on toning, flexibility, and posture all in a non-impact environment keeping you away from muscle overuse and injury.  Pilates is certainly not the fru fru type of work-out it has been quoted that “Pilates is easy, unless you are doing in correctly”

If that’s not enough to get your engine running, we’d like to help you turn that thought into true ACTION and get something FREE out of it too!

Through out the month of January 2012, Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. is giving a FREE Pilates class to you and your referral 

Very simply, each time you refer or bring in a new participant to BMCD, both of you receive a credit for 1 FREE Pilates class (the free class must be redeemed by February. 1, 2012) AND the referring client receives a FREE 30 minute Private Pilates session. That’s all there is to it, just let us know how we may assist you in racking up your Free Pilates sessions.


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