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February 2012 Newsletter

In This Newsletter:

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A few words from Joseph H. Pilates himself  – Jack knife 

“Inner control – complete coordination of body and mind. I can say it in words but it won’t mean anything. You must do it to understand.”  Dec 1946

BMCD Pilates Special – In Honor of Love

Unique Valentine Gift(s) for your loved one!  

               Couple Pilates Special  Do it for the Health of the One you Love

From February 5th, – February 28 th, 2012couples can register for an unlimited number of Pilates session(s) together at a discounted rate of $40 per couple, per session!

Click here to register: 

  Or send us an email  titled:”Valentine Pilates”

For Your Health – Milk – what does a body good? “Raw vs. Pasteurized”

The purpose of these articles is not to convince you to drink either raw, pasteurized or milk at all.. Instead, they are being provided as educative tools for you to determine if what you are consuming and drinking is doing the body good.  If you fit into the category of eating and drinking, then you need to know where your dairy/milk has come from and what it has been through.

BMCD Pilates Teacher Spotlight


Question 1:  What makes you so passionate about teaching Pilates? I love teaching connections!  I get excited when clients experience and understand where the muscles are in the body and knowingly are working out correct muscles and then taking it into their day of good posture and movement without discomfort.

Question 2:  Who has been your most influential teacher or inspired you the most? I have a lot of people to thank who have guided me to be the instructor I am today, but if I had to choose one person who has inspired me to grow, it would have to be Marie-Jose Blom. It took my teaching into a different level!

Question 3:  What is your favorite Pilates Exercise to teach? and Why? My favorite exercise(s) are those that are in side lying position on the reformer working the gluteus, inner thigh, hamstrings, and hip rotators.

Question 4:  What is your favorite food? My comfort foods:  sushi and korean stews, rice cakes, and noodles

Question 5:  What is your favorite past time activity? An escape from the busy life, being active (hiking to waterfalls, swimming in caves) while surrounded in beautiful and calming secluded areas.

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