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Enhance your practice at our Workshops this weekend

Hopefully, by now you’ve signed up for one of the amazing workshops at our Pilates studio this weekend!  Renowned Pilates teacher Shari Berkowitz will be presenting two essential workshops for taking your practice further and gaining more extensive knowledge about how Pilates benefits your body and overall health.

Many students have inquired about the shoulder girdle workshop at the Pilates studio on Saturday, as few of us are aware of the importance of this region in our body. Essentially, your shoulder girdle, which includes the clavicles and scapula, hangs from your neck by muscles and helps move the humerus to support everyday movements performed by our hands, from holding things, carrying, typing, cooking, cleaning—the list goes on and on. It makes sense that, if those muscles are weak, they will grow tired quickly, resulting in tightness, and ultimately, neck pain.

Pilates classes and reformer workouts can be extremely helpful for strengthening and stretching this critical area of our body. Neck pain can quickly become a chronic condition that leads to inflammation in other parts as well, so it’s important that we understand this area and learn to condition it properly.

Body awareness is a critical element of our practice, and while we can target this area in Pilates classes and private sessions, gaining a thorough understanding of the shoulder girdle and attending focused, in-depth workshops like the ones we’re offering this weekend can have a significant impact on your overall health. So come and learn how to be proactive about developing the strength and endurance of the important shoulder girdle muscles.

For more information about Shari and The Vertical Workshop, click here.

February 23, 2013 from 10 am – 1pm Workshop #1: Shoulder Girdle: A Delicate Balance

February 24, 2013 from 10 am – 1pm Workshop #2: Joe’s Archived Pilates Exercises

To register call 310.798.7600 or click here and go to the “Workshops” tab. Both workshops are open to the public.

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