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Do You Know What is in Your Protein Powder?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

When you go into any grocery or supplement store, you’ll find an array of protein powder options. How do you choose one that truly supports your health?

Consider the following nutrition information when making your choice.

Whey protein powders. Many whey protein powders contain protein isolates rather than whey protein concentrate. Highly processed, isolated proteins are stripped away from their nutritional cofactors. You may find an isolate product to be a little less expensive in the short run, but here’s the bottom line: it’s actually a waste of your money because your body can’t assimilate over-processed proteins in an isolated form. So your body is not getting any of the valuable benefits. In addition, both your egg and whey market protein powders have a high potential to contain the residues of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and casenite, a toxic form of pasteurized milk that causes mucus to build up in the gut which can cause constipation and create a web for bad bacteria to build up.

Soy protein powders. Today, 85% of soy crops are genetically engineered. Simply stated, this means pesticides are being grown inside your food. In addition, all soy contains phyto-estrogens, which interrupt hormone balance of men and women

Brown Rice and Hemp protein powders. When these grains are not traditionally prepared (soaked and sprouted), it is very difficult for your body to digest these powders. Plus, they usually contain “natural flavors,” which is another word for MSG which is a toxin to your nervous system, aka “neurotoxin.”

On top of all of the above, most have SYNTHETIC vitamins added to them, which the body actually treats as a foreign agent. Rather than nourishing your body cells, synthetic vitamins actually damages them and therefore accelerates aging.

Here is just a typically example of the contents of a purposely unnamed Protein Powder Shake mix sold on the market and by many nutritionists: Exclusive IsaPro Complex (whey protein concentrate undenatured New Zealand) calcium caseinate non-fat dry milk), fructose, sunflower oil powder, soluble fiber, natural flavors, soy lecithin, olive oil powder, flax seed, guar gum, xanthum gum, lemon fruit, magnesium oxide, tri-calcium phosphate, honey powder, magnesium citrate, ionic alfalfa, potassium citrate, lactobacillus acidophillus, copper amino chelate, Yucca root powder, ascrobic acid, psyllium seed powder, cinammon powder, silicon dioxide, biotin lactase, vitamin E, A, zinc oxide, magnesium amino acid chelate, iodine amino acid chelate, niacinamide, B5, D3, Chromium acid chelate, niacin selenium amino acid chelate, molybdenum amino acid chelate, B6, enzyme blend. This is a just a portion of the list!

When you consume this type of product, you’re actually causing hardship on the body, rather than nourishing it. Why add more toxins for a short term effect when you can have a long term effect in a natural way without adding additional toxins to the body?

Try the real thing instead, with products by Premier Research Labs (PRL). PRL sources its raw materials from trusted suppliers all over the world using our strict purity protocols that we have developed to consistently ensure the premier quality that is the foundation of all our products. In addition, to deliver the most consistent level of premier nutrition, their in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory uses photoluminescence technology to scan all of our raw materials to ensure purity, correct plant species, and that they are free of any form of toxin. Products are designed to be bio-available to the body so that your body can absorb the nutrients with minimal digestive work needed and never have any added fillers or binders. Finally they separately test four-polarity energetic to each product – a PRL first in the nutritional industry.

Below are 3 Protein Powder alternatives listed below for your newly improved protein shake, along with important nutrition information.

Trim Body Blend. This product contains completely unheated and unprocessed whey from grass fed cows, wild organic blueberries with maximum ORAC and argentine raw cane juice. It helps achieve the lean body effect, decreases fat stores, peaks immunity and brain function. It also provides the maximum antioxidants and anti-aging protection, with over 5,000 ORAC units/4 tbsp. serving. This blend boosts the body’s oxygen capacity, resulting in a great workout and exercise strengthener.

With products like this, your body receives the “complete package” with key amino acids, nutritional cofactors and micronutrients intact for optimal lean muscle building and strength.

For those who avoid dairy, PRL does have vegan protein options.

Medi Amino’s (Rice or Beans). This whole food source is rich in protein, enzymes and fiber, and contains pre-digested proteins for easy absorption making it excellent for those with severe digestive system issues. Both provide 95% available amino acids, and are very light powders with no strong taste and super easy to mix into smoothies.


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