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Did you register for the “Real Food – Weight Control – Detox Program” semina

If you haven’t signed up there are still some spots open to register for the seminar tomorrow!

What to expect:

Information to get you started with the 4 week program!

This safe effective program…

*is not a crash diet but a nutritional way of life that encourages weight


*is based on REAL food that will give energy to get through your day

*guided and pacedover a 4 week time frame to prepare the body & mind (and

avoid taxing/shocking your body), open channels for proper elimination, restore &

refuel the bodies nutrients, and create new LIFE habits that can provide:

loss of excess weight; diminish food cravings

-more energy throughout the day (eliminate mid-day energy crashes)

decelerate aging (revive the external appearance skin/hair/nails)

stronger immune system (a resistance to the common cold/flu)

restful sleep (wake-up feeling refreshed)

improved digestion

-build athletic stamina

improved mood (diminished mood swings)

better focus (minimize attention detractors)

Call or email and we can get your registered.  If you are unable to make 1/13 we will be offering the seminar again on 1/27 and 2/2.

Hope to see you at one!

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