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Concentration—a fundamental of Pilates classes

As you’ve learned at our Pilates studio, the mind-body connection runs deep—our minds essentially control what our bodies do. Therefore, it’s essential to employ a mindset that is focused on your mind-body awareness so that you can strengthen the connection you have with your body. Every movement of every exercise, whether you’re taking Pilates classes or private sessions, must be executed precisely, with the correct form and posture, for you to garner the maximum benefits of the movement.

Whether you conduct your practice at the Pilates studio or at home, make sure to bring your full attention to each exercise. Do it with commitment and focus on deepening your body awareness with each movement. This will ensure that even the most basic exercises are challenging and effective, no matter what level you are at.

Whatever you do, never conduct your Pilates practice half-heartedly. For the best results, do you workout with your utmost concentration and commitment. This will help you take your mind-body connection to the next level.

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