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CoeDynamics Pilates July Newsletter

In This Newsletter:


MFRT classes will follow a body rolling methodology that is designed to:

  1. Release muscle tightness(moving from bone origin to muscle insertion)

  2. Apply traction to lengthen and tone muscle and create space in joints and restore function.

  3. Stimulate circulation which reduces pain and enhances healing.

  4. Re-pattern postural misalignments and compensations.

  5. Build your body awareness and develop self-healing practices.

  6. The classes will build upon one another, focusing first on releasing the superficial muscle level and gradually taking the release work deeper into the intrinsic muscles of the body.

  7. Each class will work a front and back portion of the body, maintaining symmetry.

  8. All classes will be led by your teacher using your Yamuna body ball and the Anatomy U.

  9. Video app for a visual aide of the internal anatomy.

Who can benefit from MFRT? Anyone who:

  1. Wants to experience the sensation of a self-massage.

  2. Who wants to increase body awareness for self-healing.

  3. Who is experiencing discomfort or pain due to sprain, muscle spasm, nerve impingement, limited range of motion, restriction, compression, tightness, inflammation, atrophy or nerve pain. RT classes will follow a body rolling methodology that is designed to:

Participants must have the ability to sit and lie down on the floor or on a table.

This class can be paid for by:

  1. Any of CoeDynamic's class packages. Click here.

  2. A single class purchased by clicking here.

All classes can be signed up online or via the CoeDynamics App, downloaded using the links below.

Important Note prior to signing up: participants must make a one-time online self-purchase of either the Gold or Pearl Yamuna ball ($20-25). The ball is yours to keep and provides continued self-therapy in the comfort of your home or in your travels. It could take up to a week to receive your ball, so please purchase/plan accordingly. Gold (for clients under 5 ft.) Pearl (for clients 5ft. or taller).

**Based off the tools of Yamuna Zake Body Rolling***

For a more in-depth understanding of this class and why, make sure to sign up for your free monthly CoeDynamics Wellness Blog, click here. To begin registering for your classes now, click here! (Reminder: a participant will need confirm their purchase of a Yamuna ball prior to registering for class.)


By popular demand, a morning Pilates Circuit Class consisting of Pilates Reformer, Jump Board & TRX has been added to the morning schedule on Mondays at 9:30am!!! This full body circuit workout combines the use of TRX, Pilates Reformer and Jump Board effetely and safely raising your heart rate while strengthening postural and dynamic muscle function. The combination in this class has the effects of building lean muscle, boost metabolism, tighten the core, and increase endurance. Your class, guided by a CoeDynamics TRX/Pilates Teacher, will help you challenge your fitness level while bringing about control and awareness. Click here to register for your class today.


5th Annual Day at the Beach 'adopt a Child for the Day' with PS I Love You

Each summer, PS I Love You, Inc buses in hundreds of at-risk children ages 5 – 12to spend a fun-filled day of beach games, face-painting, boogie-boarding, and much more. BUT most importantly it gives these children one-on-oner time with a loving volunteer like you! 2016 Beach Day will be held Saturday July 30th. If you plan to register as a volunteer, feel free to mention CoeDynamics or Tracy Coe and we can all be grouped together for the day. To register and for more information, go to PS I Love You, Inc.


In The Community: Bowie Needs a Forever Home Bowie is 75 pounds of sweetness! He is energetic and playful at 8 years of age. He gets along with other dogs and cats and is great with adults and children. he knows the basic commands and is a good listener and easy to handle. Bowie is urgently looking for his forever home before mid-August as his family is moving on and will not be taking Bowie with them. He will make a great addition to a loving family! If you're interested, call the studio at (310)798-7600 or Whiskers & Tails at 310.547.5440,


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