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August 2012 Newsletter

In This Newsletter:

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New BMCD Video: Spinal and Oblique Rotational Style

For your at-home Pilates practice.

Get ready for some core toning whether on the road for vacation, business, or at home. These at-home workouts are an ideal way to supplement your Pilates classes and private sessions.

  1. This series of spinal rotation exercises will build and tone core muscles while defining the abdominals and build strength to support you through your fitness activities as well as day-to-day movement, such as getting in and out of a car, opening up a cupboard, playing golf, volleyball, baseball, swimming, etc.

  2. Unfortunately, when repeated, many of these activities lead to back problems, tweaks and muscle spasms. This is not a result of the movement itself—rather, it’s due to the overuse of back muscles alone to create a trunk rotation vs. using the entire circumference of your trunk muscles, including the use of Pilates core muscles.

  3. This 5 minute video will guide you through a series of rotational exercises to emphasize the strength and toning of your Pilates Core muscles while protecting and supporting your back.

To practice these Pilates exercises along with Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc., please click here.

BMCD Shares Pilates & Nutritional Tips for Travel

Have you ever been on vacation or shortly after you’ve come back from a wonderful one, and then all of a sudden, you come down with a cold of some sort? I don’t know about you, but to me that is the pits. So I’d like to pass on to you a few easy to use, inexpensive and successful traveling companions for your up-and-coming summer vacations!

  1. We often eat quite differently—indulging in some not so nutritional foods while on vacation. While this is fun to do, at the same time, it can wear on our body. An easy way to keep some good nutritional dense minerals in your body (which is our bodies currency of wellness and feeling good), is through Premier Greens (either powder or capsule form) that are beyond Organic and better than any multi-vitamin. It’s made from pristine South American Grasses that has every necessary amino acid, mineral, vitamin and enzyme needed to sustain life.

  2. If you are flying, did you know your body will receive more radiation from a one way trip of a distance between LA and NY then you would in one year on the ground? Green tea is a strong antioxidant that gobbles up radiation. The key ingredient in green tea is polyphenols. In this area, Premier Green Teaoutshines typical market brands in that Premier contains 105mg polyphenols in one tsp., while you would need the equivalent of 20 cups of market green tea to equate to this.Suggested use is ½ tsp of Premier Green Tea for every 1500 miles of airplane time. This product can be purchased in an easy to travel with 2oz bottle.Another tip about radiation is, if you are selected for a full body X-ray scan, save your body and take the pat down!

  3. Pretty much anyone that is on the plane for a minimum of five hours ends up with some sort of lung infection. Premier Oil of Oregano is anti-viral, bacterial, fungal etc. so it will protect the immune system from many culprits, including lung infection. This product can also be used topically if you get any bite or scrape or cut. Due to the potency of this product, when applied topically, it may burn a little, so dilute with water or a good olive oil. Caution: many Oil of Oreganos on the market use oregano family members such as thyme, which have very little potency. In Premier Oil of Oregano, the most potent form of Oregano, Carvocal, is used for production. This product comes in an easy to travel .5oz. bottle—you can just add 3 drops to a shot of water and swallow 2- 3x/day for any time you start to feel a little under the weather.

  4. Lastly, a wonderful travel companion for anyone going through a variety of time zones, Melatonin! This baby can re-set your biological clock, eliminating or at least decreasing your jet lag factor! Another tip to decrease jet lag is to eat light meals and stay away from sugar and alcohol. Both heavy meals and sugar/alcohol make your digestive system and liver work harder as they are already trying to adjust their internal clock time to keep up with us!

For more information and to order, contact Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics at 310.798.7600!

To your health & Fun, Fun, Fun, Summer Travels!

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BMCD Summer Schedule

Have you checked out our Summer Pilates class schedule yet? Start your week off with some awesome cardio in with one of our awesome jump board classes, Mondays at 6 or 6:30 pm, or Thursdays at 7 am. We’ve got awesome Pilates Equipment classes every day of the week, and Mat Community classes Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays! There’s something for everyone in our array of Summer Pilates classes!

Click here to check out our online schedule.

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