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4 Reasons to Try TRX

Suspension training developed for the Navy Seals—it sounds intimidating, right? The truth is, while TRX is an ultra-challenging workout that can help your transform your body, it’s something anyone from any fitness level can do. TRX Suspension Training was formulated on a basic concept—using two cables on your feet or hands and your own weight as resistance, you suspend your body to give your muscles a killer workout. It’s an excellent compliment to reformer workouts and any other exercise regimen you do. And the best news is—we’re now offering it at our South Bay Pilates studio.

Are you ready to try TRX out? Here are a few reasons to start this exciting, results-oriented workout.

Anyone can do it. Due to its versatility, TRX is perfect for people of all ages and levels of fitness. You control how hard you work your muscle groups with the positioning of your body on the cables.

It’s beginner friendly. It’s easy to modify TRX exercises to your personal level of fitness and then increase difficulty to challenge yourself when it’s time to progress. It’s truly up to the individual to determine how hard they want to work out.

TRX improves everything. TRX training offers an excellent way for everyone from beginners to endurance athletes to improve performance, build muscle and increase strength. It’s also great for cross-training if you run, strength train, do reformer workouts or take yoga, dance or gymnastics classes. Everyone from housewives and seniors to dancers, football players, body builders and elite gymnasts use TRX to boost sports performance, rehab injuries and lose weight.

It provides both cardio and strength training. TRX doesn’t just provide resistance training and target certain muscle groups—it raises your heart rate as you do reps, resulting in an extremely efficient workout that integrates many muscles.

Click here if you’re ready to try TRX or any other classes at our South Bay Pilates studio.

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