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3 Reasons to Take Pilates Classes


Pilates classes is an excellent way to improve your health and get in better shape. It’s an efficient workout that tones and leans out the body, while reducing stress and improving recovery from injuries. If you’re on the fence or just started taking Pilates classes, read on to learn more about the benefits of Pilates.

1. Develop a strong core. Pilates strengthens your deep abdominal and back muscles, which trims your waistline, improves posture and relieves the tension that occurs from daily activities such as driving, standing or sitting at a computer all day long. Taking Pilates classes on a regular basis improves you’re the alignment of your spine, which makes you stand up straighter and helps alleviates back pain.

2. Build long, lean muscles. While most workouts are weight bearing and build shorter muscles that tend to look bulky, Pilates is based on resistance. The movements strengthen and elongate, resulting in increased muscle tone that appears longer and leaner. The stretching aspect of Pilates boosts flexibility, which does more than just contribute to a leaner look—it helps prevent injuries from sports and other physical activities. One of the greatest benefits of a Pilates practice is that it conditions the entire body, which helps prevent muscular imbalance by avoiding over- or under-training any of our muscles. Most other workouts tend to only focus on the larger muscle groups and target the same muscles over and over again.

3. Boost your overall wellness. All exercise and physical activity can reduce stress and improve our mood, but Pilates also reduces anxiety. Proper breathing is fundamental to Pilates, which increases oxygen flow to our brains and helps us relax. In addition, the focus required to do Pilates exercises improves our body awareness and sharpens our mind, while distracting us from our daily activities and stressors.

image: ID Gym

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