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Why Reformer workouts are so awesome

As you may already know from taking Pilates classes or practicing on your own, the Pilates reformer provides an unrivaled way to achieve a lean, longer physique while revitalizing your body.  It’s an instrumental tool that takes your Pilates practice to another level, while also helping to boost strength and flexibility, which can help prevent injuries.

Since the Pilates reformer enables tough workouts without creating unwanted stress on the joints, many times when a student suffers an injury, they can still do specific exercises on it. In fact, many physical therapy facilities actually have reformers in their workout areas and have their patients use them, as well as other Pilates equipment, as part of their rehab. In addition, all workouts performed on a Pilates reformer can help correct musculoskeletal imbalances.

Pilates reformer exercises can benefit people of all ages. Workouts on the reformer will help all students increase strength in their core, shoulder girdle and pelvis. Just like in all types of Pilates classes, reformer exercises bolsters control of the body, improves breathing and corrects spinal alignment. Athletes who work out on the reformer experience increased agility and mind-body coordination, which enhances performance in their sport.

Pre-natal women also benefit from reformer workouts, as well as those suffering from osteoporosis, as they will experience improved balance, circulation and overall functions. Research indicates that patients suffering from Type I or Type II Diabetes benefit from reformer workouts, as they can help to control their blood sugar level while boosting energy. In addition, those suffering from cardiovascular disease do modified Reformer exercises (always under the guidance of experts), as they can help streamline the blood supply. *If you suffer from any medical conditions, always consult with your physician before beginning to use the Pilates reformer or starting any type of new workout.

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